VIDEO: RZR with Identity Crisis Hits Mountain Bike Trail

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With some serious landing overshoots and other insane – this RZR proves to be seriously immortal.

Professional Driver. Trickout Out RZR on steriods, only attempt if you have a a death with and a large life insurance policy. “XP1K2” is a full 7 minutes of adrenaline filled off roading set in a scenic forest near Mount Baker Washington.  Featuring Off Road Racing Champ RJ Anderson – the tricked out Polaris RZR XP 1000 Side By Side, the sponsers couldn’t find anyone crazy enough to sit in the second seat.


The forested area was transformed in to a mountain bikers nirvana, complete with perfectly groomed obstacles, many of which were natural terrain obstacles (20 to be exact) and man made works of horrific art.  With a year of planning to design and develop, it took a team of 10 to carve out this epic trail of jumps, turns, log grinds and man made log ladders. Just to give you a taste – there is a world record breaker, where RJ Anderson clears a gap of 100 ft.  Not sure what record that is breaking, for a mountain bike, some type of mutant motor vehicle….yet this is an amazing artfully filmed video that you may find yourself watching twice.


What is actually most amazing about this video is the amazing trail setup and track. A mountain bikers dream, this RZR tears up the track like a tornado through a trailer park. This rediculously made to perfection trail was made complete with step ups to complete with step-ups (concussions included), log rolls, wooden skinniess, crossing creeks with tree grinds, and a full of continuous sideways loop.  The film was show in a previously logged forest area, making a perfect setup for a trail terrain with a scenic backdrop.  With plenty of timber bridges to completely demolish, we’d feel bad if this recently logged area wasn’t about to be replanted with seedlings. Sit back, and just be amazed at how ridiculously amazing this video is – in every way possible. From the talent of the rider, the imperviousness off the vehicle, and the perfection of the trail.  The driving talents of RJ Anderson are insane.  It’s crazy to think a RZR could grind a tree, or grind wooden skinny.