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VIDEO: Epic Techicnal Mountain Biking

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Insane Speed, Air, Technical Death traps

Avoid colliding with obstacles at high speed, flying over wide gaps, or winding through technical death traps – adrenaline comes in different forms. To mountain biker Johannes Pistrol, he prefers navigating through the jaws of death at insane altitudes in unforgiving terrain.  If that wasn’t enough, he feels the need to climb up the ridiculously steep mountainside with his bike on his back.  Nerves of steel, killer instincts and bike handling control and balance you wouldn’t believe – watch Pistrol master this technical terrain.

Killer Instincts – Nerves of Steel

Technical Riding: Futuristic Mountain Biking

This is not a trail.  This is a mountain face rock climbers are more likely to pitch climb than any terrain a sane mountain biker would think of riding. Descending the Steinerne Rinne from Goinger Halt, Pistrol somehow makes this insane feat look fluid.   A technical descent that would be unbelievably challenging at any speed. That is the success of a pro – making something so technical appear fluid.  The future of mountain biking – Technical riding takes on terrain that is more dangerous, challenging and hazerdous.  While the riders take on these “routes” at lower speeds – the sport requires just as much if not more talent, is gaining traction and following in the mountain bike community.  Technical Mountain Biking is more and more being called the future of mountain biking.


Technical Mountain Biking