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Over the last couple of months, I have been using Urban Armor Gear (UAG) phone cases on my Galaxy note 20 ultra. For anyone living an active lifestyle, phone drops are inevitable. The monarch series phone cases are some of the toughest on the market when compared with OtterBox phone cases. They’re all-terrain rugged enforced corners with a five-layer construction that I’ve tested multiple times on accident and still don’t have a scratch on my phone. The phone cases come with a 10-year warranty.

When I was looking for a little more room in my pocket the plyo series still gave me some added protection around my Galaxy note 20 without the added bulk that the monarch series has.

We also got to try out the Standard-issue 24 L backpack. It’s not the most rugged travel pack I’ve ever used but the clamshell design makes it ideal for quick trips when you’re rummaging through your bag frequently.I like how it also has a separate compartment in the back for a larger laptop or tablet to keep things separated. There are plenty of dividers inside as well as water bottle holders and passport holders on the side. In the top is a padded compartment perfect for camera sunglasses or phones. Other backpacks I’ve used have had these padded compartments but they were so small it was hard to get larger phones into or multiple pairs of sunglasses. The urban

when people talk about Urban Armor Gear phone cases or other premium phone cases price is usually one of the first items that come up. For me, it’s easy to justify a $50 case when I just spent $1,200 on a phone. Especially for someone who spends a lot of time in the mountains and dirt. The peace of mind that comes withholding a phone in a solid case above rocks and dirt or tossing it in a dry bag float down a river makes it well worth the price. Urban armor gear has a holiday sale going on right now with deals up to 60% off for example the monarch series case which is normally $59.95 is now $34.95. you can also get free shipping in some locations or two-day shipping for $2. Watching for sales on Urban armor gear cases and bags or coupon codes don’t come around very often

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