Trike Drifters – Bigwheels on Steriods

Travis Gneiting News

 Best Thing to Happen on 3 Wheels

Trike Drifters. What is it?  20-30 year old grown men flying down paved streets streets on tricked out bigwheels.  The decked out tricycles have fat slick rear tires made out of PVC pipe compliments of Home Depot.  Steep downhill, cutting hard corners, 360° spins and unsuspecting vehicles – another genre of reckless adrenaline junkies keeping ER doctors rich – and we love them for it.   

The seriously insane drifters can reach speeds up to 20 and 50km/h, about 15-35mph, but higher speeds are attainable if a death wish is desired. Underground drift trikes are home made or custom manufactured by professional welders. Commercial manufactures are starting to catch on to the trend and are releasing models such as, Huffy, Trek, and a number of other companies have released children’s versions commercially. One company producing full size custom adult size trikes is MadAzz Trikes in New Zealand. Site back and enjoy this amazing trike drifting compilation by devinsupertramp.