Video: Total Solar Eclipse Danny MacAskill

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While most stared in awe at the universe during the 2015 Solar Eclipse on Friday March 20th, Trials Biker Danny MacaSkill really went for the moon.   In this epic picture taken by Rutger Pauw, Danny almost eclipses rarest solar eclipse in the past 16 years.  Completely obscured by the moon, parts of the world were in rare form on Friday the March equinox.

Danny MacAskill - Portrait
If you’re an Austro-geek, 14 hours after the official March Equinox the moon orbits swings so close to earth it’s called the SUPER MOON.  Apparently this SuperMoon also gave Danny MacAskill some SuperSkills on this RedBull photo shoot. This is the same location that Danny Shot his epic mountain bike video where he rode the ridge Isle Of Skye – the location for his epic mountain bike Video THE RIDGE – where he conquered the insane ridge in his homeland Scotland.

The worlds most renown trial biker, with the most insane/signature mountain bike skills – who can take on any obstacle and throw out tricks like candy and make it look like child’s play. and  This is a shot better than in the movie E.T. – without the photo shop, without the fake moon, yet we aren’t sure – Danny might be super human.