Best Ski and Snowboard Fights

Top 16 Ski Snowboard Fights and Rage Videos

Travis Gneiting Videos

With Ski and Snowboard season just around the corner, we though that you might need some help getting amped up for charging the hill.  What says excitement and adrenaline more than Confrontation?  We have a fistful (see what we did there) of Ski and Snowboard fights from  Check out the list below for some of our favorites.

Watch Now – Incase You Missed It Candide Thovex 3 of 3

Travis Gneiting Videos

Candide Thovex has done it again, with a lot of help from many others. This video is destine to become one of the most viewed ski videos of all times. While it’s laced with CGI and other enhancements, it’s still fun to watch. The video almost feels like a dream, flying all over the mountain, perfectly manicured features, all in …

Head over Wheels: Fly6 Rear Cycling Cam

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Why would you need a rear video camera you ask?  To capture epic moments like this. When you drive through an traffic light with a camera – we all slow down.  That’s the same idea with the Fly6 Rear Cycling Camera. Cyclists are vulnerable, without the protection of 1 ton of metal. By recording fellow commuters and cyclists – the …

Stalking Border Collies: Hilarious Video

Travis Gneiting Videos

Being stalked by a Border Collie, more stealthy than any attack dog or wolf – these sheep dogs are anything but sheepish.   What’s a dog to do when you aren’t herding a flock of sheep?  Why, pull pranks on your fellow collies. Sit back for some sheer entertainment. You won’t be able to stop watching, and the video just gets …

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VIDEO: Epic Techicnal Mountain Biking

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Insane Speed, Air, Technical Death traps Avoid colliding with obstacles at high speed, flying over wide gaps, or winding through technical death traps – adrenaline comes in different forms. To mountain biker Johannes Pistrol, he prefers navigating through the jaws of death at insane altitudes in unforgiving terrain.  If that wasn’t enough, he feels the need to climb up the ridiculously steep …

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“Welcome to Earth” Video compilation

Travis Gneiting Videos

YouTube user 2wse4rft posted this great video compilation entitled Welcome to Earth. It’s got almost 2 million views. It shows a lot of footage from extreme sports to cute animals and jets.  We personally like the dolphin hang time shot around 1:46.  The blob launch at 1:56 is pretty insane too.