Are Rome Snowboards any Good?

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Rome snowboards are a very reputable snowboarding company that has been manufacturing high-end snowboards for almost two decades now. Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) are known as some of the best boards on the market in terms of technology, snowboard shapes, and innovation. Anyone looking to buys a new or uses Rome snowboard can be assured they are buying one …


What Size Snowboard Should You Buy 2017 Version

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It is imperative that you get the right size snowboard for your body height, weight and foot size.  If you are unable to see the snowboard in person and wondering “What size snowboard should you buy”, follow the instruction below to help you out. What Size Snowboard Should You Buy? There are many articles on line that explain what size …

Best Ski and Snowboard Fights

Top 16 Ski Snowboard Fights and Rage Videos

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With Ski and Snowboard season just around the corner, we though that you might need some help getting amped up for charging the hill.  What says excitement and adrenaline more than Confrontation?  We have a fistful (see what we did there) of Ski and Snowboard fights from  Check out the list below for some of our favorites.

Are Ride Snowboards any Good?

Are Ride Snowboards any Good?

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We often gear friends asking if Ride Snowboards are even any good? Or, should they just go with a board from Burton because they new the name or brand.  We are here to answer the question Are Ride Snowboards any good? Ride has been making snowboards since 1992, starting out with just 4 snowboards.  They bootstrapped off the skateboard scene …

Snowboard Company Directory

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A complete list of all snowboard companies currently selling snowboards this season. With all the different snowboard companies out there you may have wondered to yourself, “Just how many snowboard companies are there”? Here is a list with links to the snowboard companies we’ve found that are currently building, and selling snowboards.  Keep an eye out for new reviews from …