Waterpark Skating in Dubai

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Red Bull put together a small group of amazing skateboarders to thrash this empty water-park in Dubai. The skill that these riders possess is filling these empty slides with incredible footwork. You can check out the entire edit on Red Bull here

How to Ollie Higher

Travis Gneiting Videos

This is interesting stuff. We love the science behind all of the magical tricks people can do on Skateboards. Sometimes we forget its all physics.

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Isamu Yamamoto – SkateBoarder

Travis Gneiting Videos

Isamu Yamamoto – SkateBoarder This 11-year-old ripper – this little shredder from the little city of Otsu  Japan in Japan has only been skate boarding for only two years.  With that kind of talent trajectory, this prodogy is on his way to becoming the next Shaun White of concrete.   With this kind of raw talent, give it some time …