Martyn Ashton – Rides Again. This time at Fort Williams

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It’s a mountain bike party with Martyn Ashton at Fort William, following on from Martyn’s incredible Road Bike Party series, Martyn takes on the Fort William Downhill World Cup course on his very special bike.

Pure Darkness 3 – Insane Mountain Bike Trailer

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If you have seen Pure Darkness 2 then you know to hold on to your shorts for this trailer! Just dropping into the roll-in would be scary enough. Mixed with a giant step-up, throw in some death metal and you have yourself Pure Darkness 3!

April Fools – Mountain Bike Jokes

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It’s that time of year again, where all the companies try to post something outrageous or stupidly funny to attract some website traffic. Now is your chance to get ahead of the game with these great advice from Our personal favorite would be valve stem or bell trick. We take no responsibility to your friends no longer being friends …

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Downhill Redbull Rampage

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Red Bull Rampage 2014 Take the drivers seat as Andreu Lacondeguy pulls out all the stops on this winning run during the 2014 Redbull rampage. An insane feat of control, balance and nerves of still – Andreu took first place in this epic event.  See more videos from the RedBull Rampage.