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The Ultimate GoPro Session Hero 4 Review

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We reviewed the GoPro Hero4 Session from every angle to help you decide if the new lower price point matches it’s limited camera functionality, and lesser image and video quality. At a $199 price point, plus the new form factor, we still believe the GoPro Session to have a viable place in the action camera space. It still records great … spherical_explorer

GoPro in 360 – Interactive Video

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GoPro has joined forces with Kolor to now provide a mount that provides vision similar to what Google has done with street view only with live video.  Check out the video below. You can drag and pan around the live video while it’s playing.  Check out the sky, dirt, helmet, horse.  It’s a game changes in what is possible with …

GoPro Finally goes wireless

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Contour Head Cams have been working something similar to this for a while now.  But we have all been waiting for the real thing from GoPro.  And now we have it.  It’s a Wi-Fi remote that can connect to your Smartphone or tablet to stream live directly from your GoPro.  These are only $99 right now, and I’m sure they …