Through the Lens – Zach Dischner Photography

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Outdoor Adventure Photographer Adventure images are arguably the most captivating and inspiring photographs in the world.  Artistic without staging, and an authenticity that sucks you right into the moment the outdoors.  This is the kind of talent that has brought an underground following behind outdoor adventure photographer Zach Dischner. By profession an Aerospace Engineer, but a passion for adventure and …

Dirt Biking Junktown Skinny Ridges in the Snow

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Dirt Biking Junktown Skinny Ridges – SKETCHY. Add snow, ice and home-made studded tires – someone has an adrenaline disorder.  This GoPro hero had a death wish when he hit the steep sand dune ridges with his GoPro mounted to his helmet, hoping for the best as he full throttled it through the virgin un-tracked snow.  Still – no onw …

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“Welcome to Earth” Video compilation

Travis Gneiting Videos

YouTube user 2wse4rft posted this great video compilation entitled Welcome to Earth. It’s got almost 2 million views. It shows a lot of footage from extreme sports to cute animals and jets.  We personally like the dolphin hang time shot around 1:46.  The blob launch at 1:56 is pretty insane too.