Cycling – For those Humid Days

Claudia Bikes

For those Humid Days, this will suit perfectly. Nothing like having a scuba diving suit for the hot and sweaty humid days for your long bike ride into work.  Might as well pull out the snorkel.

EPIC Mountain Bike VIDEO: Danny MacAskill Conquers Scotland

Claudia Bikes

EPIC VIDEO: Danny MacAskill Bikes Down Deadly Ridge Line 3,000 FT Drop The most technical riding, perilous terrain and artistic cinematography we’ve ever seen in a biking film. Danny MacAskill somehow continues to be the most innovative biker, with signature style on and off the mountain. Already known for his technical bike abilities in on the trails and in trials, …

10 Worst Cycling Outfits

Travis Gneiting Bikes

Sorry ladies, if skin tight spandex wasn’t bad enough already- let’s add some nice flesh colored design into the mix. Columbia’s women’s cycling team proudly posed for the cameras in their stretchy onesies, completely oblivious their nude colored cycling outfits looked more than just a bare in the mid-drift, but are at the groin. It was so bad a formal …