Chases and Catches Bike Theif – Insane

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Normally if you get your bike stolen, you would think to call the cops.  Not this guy.  He jumps on another bike and chases down the bike theif.  Taking matter into his own hands paid off, and the GoPro mounted to his head captures it all.  Taking every precaution to keep your bike safe isn’t always enough, these criminals try their best …

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Redbull Rampage

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Red Bull Rampage 2014 Take the drivers seat as Andreu Lacondeguy pulls out all the stops on this winning run during the 2014 Redbull rampage. An insane feat of control, balance and nerves of still – Andreu took first place in this epic event. See more videos from the RedBull Rampage.

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VIDEO: Epic Techicnal Mountain Biking

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Insane Speed, Air, Technical Death traps Avoid colliding with obstacles at high speed, flying over wide gaps, or winding through technical death traps – adrenaline comes in different forms. To mountain biker Johannes Pistrol, he prefers navigating through the jaws of death at insane altitudes in unforgiving terrain.  If that wasn’t enough, he feels the need to climb up the ridiculously steep …