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So you ate too much. Now what?

Travis Gneiting News

1. Get a Grip: Get some perspective. Whether it was one meal, or 1 weekend of stuffing your face – as long as you have good everyday eating habits, a few slip ups aren’t going make you obese overnight. So get a grip, and stop obsessing.

While you notice every annoying pound you gain, unless you’ve totally screwed up – chances are nobody is going to notice your weekend binge. Just get back on track without the guilt.  And let’s face it – everyone has rolls, learn to roll with it.

what to do after you eat to much

2. Don’t Do Anything Stupid.  Weighing yourself after stuffing your face isn’t the smartest thing to do. You’re asking for a guilt trip – and you’re 5 pounds of dinner and drinks doesn’t equal 5 pounds of fat.  From taking laxatives, to binge exercising – skip the nonsense.

If you can’t enjoy good Thanksgiving dinner without beating yourself up – you’ve got bigger problems.  Focus your thoughts and energy on something important, not feeling fat.  Take it in stride and let your body reset, and pick up where you left off.

drink cold water lose weight

3.  Drink Water, Lose Weight. Studies have proven it again and again, people who drink more water weigh less. Especially after eating a mountain of junk food – help your body out. Lots of fluids will help digest and flush away that heavy **ugh** feeling away.