So WINGJUMPing is a thing now

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The best of aeronautics to improve your skiing experience. Wingjump is the first skiing equipment to offer the feeling of being lifted while skiing, in complete safety!”

This is a real thing.  If wingsuit diving off a cliff was too much for you,  you can take up a much safer approach and keep it closer to the ground with WingJumping on skis.  I wonder how this would work with a snowboard? or perhaps in the Winter X-Games?


  • To enable skiers, regardless of their level, to combine the magical sensation of being lifted, with that of skiing.
  • To develop a sport that is safe, simple, and easy to practice with friends or family.

A countless number of hours hours, square metres of wing, kilometers of threads, trips back and forth from the field to the workshop, discussions filled with ideas, and doubts… Here is the result of 4 years of developing our range.

Wingjump enables you to improve your performance and multiply your sensations very quickly. You need only a few seconds to discover a new way of skiing. Moreover, your Wingjump will not be at all inconvenient on ski lifts and is allowed on the slopes.