Burton Ion Snowboard Boot 2014 Review

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Ions are the perfect boot to keep you insulated, warm and are highly responsive to a rider when it counts – whether you are a freestyle rider on the park or in the backcountry terrain. If you need a boot that can handle the versatility of climates and terrain, this is the boot that can handle it all. The price point is high, but this is an investment that will last for years, and a dynamic boot that can handle any condition, temperature and humidity level.

When reviewing the Burton Ion Snowboard boot, there is a lot of debate of which boot is better, imperials or Ion. The pricepoint is right about the same target for each – but personal preference is the coin changer. One of the biggest difference, is that the Ion is a stiffer boot.  Yet don’t confuse stiff with comfort. Stiff is the exterior shell of the boot, the Ion has a soft interior cushion that leaves your foot with a warm, cozy feel – but gives you the support you need. Especially when you are riding backcountry – and need that extra support riding backcountry and are putting a lot of pressure on that back side foot. Especially for those veteran riders with poor knees who need all the support they can get on their ankles – ions can be a better option.


Youtube Video Review 2014 Burton Ion Snowboard Boot


When we first reviewed the Burton Ion boots, boots are the best thing since goretex met the snowboard jacket. The pull chords to adjust work amazing and the comfort for riding the mountain and walking is hands down the best you will find. Best recommendation, go get sized at a store and find a swagger deal online. The boot is so light weight and low profile it fits like a skate shoe. Snowboard boots have a rep of being bulky, heavy, and pretty much look like what Neil Armstrong wore on the moon. Te lacing system gets a minute to get used to, but it’s no wonder they won awards across the board. You can slip on these bad boys in less than a minute, and they stay dry and don’t overhead or get cold. They are the perfect balance of breathable and waterproof. The other miracle of the Burton Ion boot – they don’t cramp your feed or leave gauged marked on your shins.

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