Rallt Hammock and Tree Strap Review

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If you know us, you know we love hammocks. They are great for lounging in the backyard, camping, sleeping, and cuddling. When Rallt ask if we want to try a new 2 person hammock of course we jumped at the chance.

We have spent time in more than 50 different hammocks, most recently we have been using two single hammock made by Grand Trunk. They are great, lightweight, simple. Honestly, it’s got to be pretty hard to mess up a hammock. They are usually some rip-stop nylon with a cord and loop on each end. Hang between two trees, an your good to go.

The Rallt double hammock can hold two people, up to 500lb capacity which is higher rated that the Eagle Nest Outfitters (Eno) double hammock that is rated at 400lb. The Rallt hammock size is 10 feet by 6 feet 2 inches.  This is pretty typical for a double hammock size. For example Trek Light Gear makes a double hammock that is 10 feet by 6 feet 6 inches.


The features of the Rallt hammock are also pretty standard. They offer colored sides to make sure you are sitting in the middle of the hammock. Also, a stuff sack that is attached to the hammock and doubles as a nice pocket for a drink and snacks while soaking up the sun.  The attached stuff sack also has an attached strap to carry or connect it to a backpack. The attached wire gate carabiner are a nice upgrade. Our Grand Trunk only provided “S” shape connectors.

Optional tree straps

When we were reading other reviews in preparation for our review of the Rallt double hammock we kept hearing that their tree straps were a must have. For addition cost they are very nice and durable. The stitching and daisy chain design make it super easy to set up and take down the hammock. We also would have to recommend these straps as some of the nicest, light weight and super stong straps available.


Most hammocks on the market offer a wide variety of color options. Unfortunately, Rallt hammocks are pretty limited in color options.
Also, Rallt dosn’t offer additional accessories like a rain fly, bug net, etc.


Overall we couldn’t be happier with the Rallt hammock. It’s slightly cheaper than the other big names on the market. Even if you have a hammock already it’s worth picking up a pair of Rallt tree straps, they make life a little easier.

You can check out all of Rallt Hammock products including their tree straps here