Oregon Scientific Smart Dynamo 2+ – Activity Tracker Review

Travis Gneiting Reviews

The Oregon Scientific Ssmart Dynamo 2+ (PE289) is a great way of tracking personal fitness. It offers all you would expect from a fitness tracker, plus a bunch of additional features that you wouldn’t expect. We had a chance to test out the Ssmart Dynamo 2+ and give our feedback on the tracker.

In the Box

  • PE288 Dynamo 2+ Tracker
  • 1 Arm band
  • USB Charger
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Instructions
  • 12 Month Warranty Card

The Dynamo is a lot like other popular fitness trackers on the market. It’s priced right in line with other fitness trackers on the market at $99.99 retail price. It’s main features are tracking heart rate, calories burned, steps and distance traveled, inactivity and sleeping. It also has some other great features.


  • ECG heart rate tracking

    ECG is know as the most accurate way of measuring heart rate

  • Sleep tracking

    Track your length of sleep and quality of sleep with the Dynamo 2+

  • Inactive reminder

    The Dynamo 2+ will remind you when you are being sedentary. It's sometimes the motivation you need to get up and walk around during a long day at work

  • Incoming notifications

    One of our favorite features, get notified of Facebook, Google, Skype, Twitter, Text message and many more right on your Dynamo 2+

  • Multiple Language & Emoji display

    For android users, you can get emoji and various languages displayed on the Dynamo 2+

  • Accept and Reject Calls

    For android users, you can accept and reject phone calls right from the Smart Dynamo without having to search for your phone in a pocket or purse

  • Proximity Alerts

    The Dynamo 2+ can notify you when you are in proximity of other devices

  • Find My Phone

    Another one of our favorites, when in bluetooth range of your phone, just hold down the side button and a chime will sound on your phone helping you locate it

  • Android & iPhone Apps

    The companion app for the Dynamo 2+ is great for tracking activity, changing settings

Daily Use

Syncing the app and the device were very easy. When you turn on the device and the app as well Bluetooth, it’s recognized and brings up the connection prompt and your done. Couldn’t be easier. We paired with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the App version 2.2.1 and had not issues.

There is a bit of a learning curve to figure out what’s going on, what being displayed and how to navigate, but nothing too out of the ordinary. There is also a programmable button on the side that can be used for different functions.

We found in testing that the stats were not always correct. Calories burned seemed to be exaggerated from what was really being burned. The steps also seem to be exaggerated, from just walking around the kitchen and watching steps on the phone, it was registering 2 or 3 steps for every step we took.

Again we became frustrated when trying to check stats on the wrist. The double tap will work great one time, then you find yourself tapping 20 or 30 times to get it to advance to the next stat. Some additional frustration came when the fitness tracker seemed to loose our data one day, starting over with calories counted, steps etc. We are not sure if we bumped or held the button on the side or ontop that may have caused this, but it was frustrating to know all the data for the day was lost.

Another disappointment is that you have to stop your workout and place your finger on the monitor (metal plate) to get a heart rate reading. We thought this would have been done through the wrist during workout like some optical heart rate monitors do.

The sleep readings seemed to be a little inaccurate, and all over the board for us as well.

We really do love the proximity notification and find my phone features as well as the notifications.

From a daily perspective, you get use to the nuances and learn what to expect from the Ssmart Dynamo 2+. What it can and can’t do for you. If tracking movement, and getting a general idea of the quality of sleep and movement.

  • Great Companion App
  • Tracks everything we could ask for
  • Email, Facebook, Text, and more notification
  • Comfortable


From the box the Dynamo 2+ does everything you would want it to from a fitness tracker, and most other fitness trackers on the market do. It’s a little inconvenient to charge, and has a charging plug that only works with the Oregon Scientific version of fitness tracker. Our biggest complaint, and it’s almost a deal breaker is how hard it is to get the device to recognize taps (which is how you navigate with the tracker. You will find yourself pounding on on the device at times trying to get it to wake up, or go to the next stat.

The real plus come from the app and the ability to get phone notifications directly on your wrist. It’s great to watch your steps, distance and calories burned all day long. Even more fun to compete against yourself and others. The goal for buying a fitness tracker should be to improve your activity as a person and help improve your activity and overall health in life. The Ssmart Dynamic 2+ will do that an a bit more.