New Hydro Flask 10 oz Wine Tumbler and 25 oz Bottle

Travis Gneiting First Look

There is not much to complain about when it comes to a Hydro Flask bottles. The vacuum sealed bottle keeps the elements out while keeping the beverages consistent. Recently Hydro Flask released a new 10 oz tumbler cup slightly different from their 10 oz Rocks cup.  The new tumbler resembles a classic wine glass tumbler.  The new wine tumbler takes a standard Hydro Flask bottle and blings it up with a silicone base, and a stainless steel lid.

The new 25 oz Hydro Flask Vacuum Wine Bottle

This is the new premium wine bottle from Hydro Flask. It features a stainless steel screw on lid. The bottom of the bottle is also covered with a rubber padding. It’ reduces the clank of setting the stainless steel bottle on your granite countertop, or granite rock.

The 25 oz bottle will hold a standard bottle of wine, and is designed to pour without dribbles.  Also, the bottle is guaranteed to be leak free. We found it also a great size for daily use water bottle, not too big and not to small.  Also the narrow mouth makes drinking directly from the bottle more pleasant.  You can also use a standard narrow lid in the bottle.  Works great with hot or cold beverages.

The new 10 oz Hydro Flask Vacuum Tumbler

The new Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler is a hand full of greatness. The weight and balance of the cup in your hand is comfortable. Pair it with the insulated lid, and it maintains temperatures for hours. While the shape may not be ideal for camping, it’s great for backyard barbecues and front porch lounging.

The cup is vacuum sealed just like Hydro Flask bottles. The thermal lid helps to maintain the beverage for hours. The lid press fits into the top while the bottom is beveled to rest comfortably in a normal sized hand. Additionally, like the other Hydro Flask products the tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel for great tasting flavors.

They are best bought in pairs and for sharing. It is a bit of a premium cup but it will impress your friends and start a conversation with new ones.

All Hydro Flask products come with a lifetime warranty.  That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to throw it in the freezer, it can still expand and damage the vacuum.

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