My Kind of Company – Cyclists Dream Job: IDEO

Travis Gneiting Bikes

Where GeekHead meets GearHead. IDEO. If you don’t know the company, you’ve seen their products. And if you don’t know the company – well we promise you wished you worked there – cyclist or not.  A company cooler than Google, because no one really has a job. Your job is to be a “CREATIVE”. Innovative, geeky, funky and all kinds of clever – the place pretty much lets everyone do whatever they want, and it pays off big time.  Required reading in any graduate business program – this company is the inspiration entrepreneurs, CEOs and just about day dreamer who hates their desk job.

Back to the bikes – it all started with one guy ratcheting up his bike to the ceiling to clear up the space in his cubicle. Check that – this place is too for cubicles, his “workspace”.  Then what happens when you put an entire office of genius GearHeads together with way too much time on their hands? An intricate and innovative designed system of hangers and pulleys to hoist up their wheels everyday while they play (because seriously, these people do not work).

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Part 1 of 1 IDEO:

Part 2 of 3 IDEO:

Part 3 of 3 IDEO:

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