KUIU – Venture 2300 Review

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Venture 2300 Pack Review

KUIU’s new Venture 2300 day pack has quickly become my favorite pack for short day long outings when I want an internal framed pack for load support and comfort.  The pack weighs in at 3 lbs 9.4 oz. It measured about 22 inch tall and 11.5 inches wide when empty. It is constructed of top quality Courdura 500D fabric to prevent wear and damage in rough rocks and branch terrain. The overall volume of the pack is 2300 cubic inches vs. the Venture 1800 version that is a little smaller. The pack comes in 2 sizes Medium and Large for different waist sizes. If you are looking for a larger pack with similar design, features and quality check out the KUIU Icon Pro 3200. Optional gun and bow holders can be attached which make for the best hunting backpack.

The Venture pack from KUIU is designed to be a larger sized capable pack for use on day trips, although when traveling light I’ve been able to use it for overnight trips as well.  The pack caters to the hunter that wants comfort, versatility, and quality. The backpack offers ample internal and external pockets, compression straps, tie down points, and modularity.

Choosing the right size KUIU Backpack

Initial Out of the Box

I’ve got to use the KUIU Venture 2300 on a couple day outings in the last month that I have owned it.  Some of the first things I noticed when I put the pack on was the lumbar support.  After always fighting lower back pain, it felt good to have a really well fitting back panel, with the right curve to match my back.  The thought that went into the entire pack; as you start using the pack you see why zippers were placed the way they were and how the pack easily opens for access, even when loaded. The hip and shoulder straps are really well made with a lot of though into the stabilization and comfort when wearing the pack.

In the field

With the pack loaded up with about 30 lb of gear, it feels stable and easy to adjustable for a typical day in the brush.  I am typically one the starts and stops a lot. I remove my pack and put it back on many times through out the day.  Each attachment point with adjustability had store away straps for extra webbing, which made the pack easy to attach and remove without webbing catching or tangling all over the pack.  I like how the pack tapers down from top to bottom, this allows for adjusting weight more evenly, and packing the necessaries where they are more easily accessible.

The top pocket of the Venture 2300 is one I use the most for storing scopes, snacks, glasses, etc. It’s sized much larger than typical packs in this category.  The size elastic pockets are perfect for water bottle storage. I do wish they were slightly angled forward to make it easier to insert and remove items without having to remove the pack. The external large vertical pocket was perfect for holding additional clothing, it was easily accessible, large volume to hold rain gear, gloves, and a down sweater.  The large D-Ring zipper make is easy to open even with cold hands.  The internal zipper pocket were a great addition, that a lot of packs in similar category leave out.  It was great when laying the pack on the ground and opening the U shaped flap, it lays flat with access to the mesh pockets that also have large oversize zipper pulls.

The bladder sleeve held all of our bladders from Camelback and Platypus up to 3 liter.  There is a standard attachment clip inside the pack for hanging the hydration bladder. The hose can be fed through a small zipper in the middle top of the pack. On the shoulder straps there are KUIU branded loops to thread the hydration hose through to keep it out of the way when not in use.


While the KUIU Venture pack has been one of my favorites to date, it has a few things worth mentioning.  The Courdoura fabric can be a bit noisy. The sizing can be a bit confusing when ordering a pack, watching the KUIU sizing video above can help a little. The compression strap dilemma, most packs suffer from having to undo the compression straps to fully open the pack.  However, to be fair, KUIU Venture design with separate connecting and removable compression straps on the front of the pack as well as the side make it less annoying having to pack and unpack any gear attached to the outside of the pack.


For a quality, feature filled pack that is well worth the price tag the any of the Venture packs from KUIU are a great option.  The internal frames and ample compression as well as organization and quick access pockets make it a win.