Marathon Facts

[Infographic] Interesting Statistics about Marathons

Travis Gneiting News, Running

For an ordinary runner, running a marathon can be among the most challenging goals that you can aim for. A marathon is not some ordinary race that you can just step on the starting line and run like you normally do and reach the finish line. Running a marathon requires months of preparation and dedication.

When running a marathon, you have to have the right amount of endurance, leg power and stamina. Running a 10k marathon is no joke.  10 kilometers might sound easy, but as the meters pile up when you are running, you will start to feel the burn. You have to know the right pacing in order to complete it. Aside from the physical preparation, you have to prepare mentally to endure the ordeal. You also have to have the proper gear as well.

Every marathon is unique. Before you start running, you need to learn all you can about the race. Every marathon has its own “specialty” so to speak. That is why it is also important to read about it in advance to learn how you can best attack the course. This is how experienced marathon runners usually do it. Here’s a compilation of useful information for marathon runners. Check it out.

American Marathon Statistics