Head over Wheels: Fly6 Rear Cycling Cam

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Why would you need a rear video camera you ask?  To capture epic moments like this. When you drive through an traffic light with a camera – we all slow down.  That’s the same idea with the Fly6 Rear Cycling Camera. Cyclists are vulnerable, without the protection of 1 ton of metal. By recording fellow commuters and cyclists – the intention is that everyone on the road will exercise more caution to make the roads safer for everyone. intersection with a When you The best way to capture what’s happening behind you on a ride, the Cycliq FLY6 is a safety  great safety features too.

Cyclists encounter a lot of issues when braving the road. Fly6 is trying to keep everyone else out there honest, so they know there will be consequences.Fly6 is that camera, but it’s on the back of your bike just like security cameras provide footage for bad situations so too can this little camera.

Attaching to the seat post of your bike, Fly6 is a tail or rear light that also records in high definition video what happens behind you during your ride. Whether it’s commuting, racing, mountain biking or just riding with your friends. When motorists know they are being recorded, they will behave accordingly by giving the cyclists more space and respect making the roads more enjoyable for everyone.

The Fly6 is both a traditional rear light and a video camera. When in use, it films behind you as you ride while its bright red light helps alert drivers and other cyclists of your presence.  In reality, your cycling team should all pitch in on one of these for the camera benefit as everyone is going to get some limelight.