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Who Needs Wings

When it comes to big air, girl riders are stealing the show.  In Utah’s deep snow backcountry, known for its heavenly powder – women riders are tearing up the scene and breaking the stigma that guys are the only ones who can catch big air.  It’s simple – girls are can be just as hardcore, and guys need to step aside while these chicks show they know how to ride.

Girls just want to have fun.

Who Needs Wings.

The entire snowboarding industry in changing. From the winter game Olympics to the x-games, the women athletes and female riders are making a stance and making the men take a double take and ride harder to keep their place.  While everyone knows big name riders like Gretchen Bleiler and Silie Norendal – local girl riders or flooding the slopes and are slowly but surely taking their place in a previously male dominated sport.

It’s not that snowboarders are a bunch of chauvinists, it’s just that snowboarding is just a new sport altogether. And as usual – it was the men who started hucking themselves off self-shoveled jumps. Like Jake Burton Carpenter, founder of Burton Snowboards.  Snowboarding didn’t even make it into the Olympics until 1994 – whereas downhill skiing has been in the Olympics since 1936.   In fact – Utah holds one of 4 resorts (Alta) that doesn’t even ALLOW SNOWBOARDERS!  In 2007, Burton sponsored a contest pay $5,000 to the owner of the best video of people snowboarding on one of the 4 mountains where snowboarding is not allowed. 4 mountains = $20,000 possible. You must see this epic video – the best of the best. You will laugh your arse off:

Average Age and Gender of a Snowboarder Although it was once in the almost exclusive domain of boys under age 20, according to recent statistics, 17.3 percent of snowboarders are between the ages of seven- and 11-years-old, and one out of four riders is between the age of 25- and 44-years-old.

Females make up 23 percent of the snowboarding population. 20 years ago, it was hard for a woman rider to find a decent pair of snowboard boots, pants and jackets that were half as trendy as the guys gear. But these days the big name dealers from Burton to Forum are catering to the women – because the demographic is on the rise, at a running pace.  One reason why, the male riders who started when they were in junior high are popping out kids and are starting there little girls out when they can barely walk. Those who grew up with the sport when it was young are starting a new generation, and the seed has been planted! So where it was a minority, watch out skiers, boarding is on the rise – and watch out guys – because these girls can really ride.

Bailey Duran is likely the next up and coming female snowboarding prodigy.  At only 4 years old she is riding park, ramps, catching are and cutting edge that would make full grown men jealous. Check it out:

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So hats off, or binnie’s off, to all the females, women, girl and toddler riders out there tearing it up in the backcountry, parks and the slopes. You rock and you rule.  Show those guys you know how to ride – because if you’re reading this – our girl Stacey Jo, you probably ride better than half the guys out there.

Snowboarding Demographic & Gender Statistics:

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