Top 10 Editorials on How to Lose Weight

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 Top 10 Editorials on How To Lose Weight
“Fat Girl” changed to “Fat Dude”


Funny and wrong. Editorials regularly publishe articles to inspire and motivate women to lose weight. Yet tweak “fat girl” to “fat dude” – and it’s easy to see.  Exactly what is the underlying message?  To get fit, or not to be fat?  Headlines and articles riddled with name calling “Fat Girl”, “Fat Suit” and “Saddle Bags” –  where is the line between celebrating and “FatShaming”?  Inspiring or degrading?  You decide.
☆☆Disclaimer – this content be inappropriate for young and impressionable children.☆☆

1.  “No one calls me the ‘Big Dude’ anymore”

 “One day my Girlfriend cut out a picture of my face and stuck it on a Dude on the cover of a magazine”      …….because  that’s not creepy. 

2.  “I Did It! I’m Done Being The ‘FAT DUDE’!”

Self Proclaimed Fat Dude: Day after day, I’d come home, sit on my couch and eat. Every time I looked at my in-shape Chick, I felt even more ashamed of my size. In fact, it was seeing a picture of us—her fit and me, the fat dude.  
The Dude’s Secret Motivator: I have a picture of a swimmer on my fridge….  and haven’t taken it down yet.………remember this is dude…….

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3.  This Dude Sheds His ‘Fat Suit

“I cried when I weighed myself”  Dude says. “I avoided scales, cameras, and mirrors,”  says Dude. But this Dude couldn’t avoid his Tuxedo for the big Wedding day……easy he should just wear his fat suit…sounds formal enough. (thanks editors for making a schoolyard insult official)

 4.  How Two Dudes Worked Together

 “As little Dudes, we ate out all the time.”  Dude and other Dude took their habits to college.  The Dudes tried to disguise their bodies with tentlike clothes.
These days, Dude and other Dude shop for shorts and shirts that highlight their leaner legs. “I know I look sexy” says Other Dude……oh yeah you do, dude
“We text each other frequently during the day to stay on track with our eating and exercise,” says Other Dude.

5.  4 Dudes Get Butt Makeovers

Dude 1:  Saddle Bags.  “I finally don’t have to hide my butt anymore!” 
Dude 2: Jiggles  These moves were so intense on my butt and thighs”..Me too.  Pass me another beer.
Dude 3: Saddle Bags  “I’ve rediscovered my behind” wait….we’re lost – we thought dude 1 with saddle bags didn’t have to hide his butt anymore. You lost yours?
Dude 4: Missing Curves “I’m excited to kiss my flat butt goodbye”…wow, did you get curves or learn to curve like a contortionist

6. “I’m not the “FAT” Dude Anymore!”

“Picking out a tuxedo, size wasn’t an issue, we were both so happy and in love.  I started to hate the person I saw in the mirror.  The best part of [losing weight] is that in family photos, I’m not the “Fat Dude” anymore!”

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7 . Another Dude’s Gym Body Inspired This Dude to Get Fit

Dude had resigned to a life of being “a little chubby” says Dude. “When I was heavy, I would feel down about myself”. Dude keeps “exercise dates” with this other Dude.   Dude keeps a pair of ‘fat’ pants in the closet and puts them on when he wants to give up.  Fear of getting fat to motivate… afraid….be very afraid….

 8.  “I’ve always been the heavier, chunkier Dude”.

“I started Following fit Dudes on Instagram and learned and watched their eating habits and workout schedules”. We all have excuses for stalking dudes on instagram.

9. “I Am Not a Fat Dude: I am Fearless”

10.  Our Headline:  When your self-worth is based on your weight, it will only be a roller coaster. healthy

With the next generation of amazing young men and women, let’s hope to reposition the focus of self-worth and self-esteem, and have it nothing to do with your weight.  People have a better chance at maintaining a healthy weight if they separate their weight from who they are as an individual.  Exercise to be fit and have fun!

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As women readers, or men standing in checkouts – headlines and articles like this are nothing new. We are constantly reading editorials about women losing weight, “success stories” of women who once looked in the mirror ashamed of their bodies, crying over the scale, ashamed to go outside. Yes, these amazing women accomplished challenging goals that are exemplary to everyone, and should be respected and praised. Yet how their accomplishments are being praised, should it be questioned? With a simple flip of context to “Dude”, something socially awkward happens.  These specific stories focus on the motivating factor being low self-worth, depression and lack of self-esteem that is “cured” through weight loss. Stories which we have all read, where suddenly the woman finally has the courage to go out and date because she has lost the 40 pounds and isn’t ashamed of her body.  A feeling of self-worth and importance regained.

Yet even the titles of these “success stories” reflect that these women are fighting and struggling not to define themselves as the “Fat Girl”, and a key motivation is not to become overweight again. Fear is not a healthy motivator. Circulating stories like this perpetuates the problem. Studies have proven that 47% of women in their ideal body range still perceive themselves to be overweight. This still carries confidence issues as if the woman actually were overweight (see study below for more details).  

Read more: Self-Perception of Being Overweight (

While there are many success stories that are truly inspiring, these “success stories” and many – act as though weight loss is the cure for depression and low self-worth. Yet these same articles are littered with degrading verbiage to the same woman they are celebrating. In fact – if that same woman hadn’t lost the weight, they would outright be “fat shaming” her.  Terms like “Saddle Bags” could easily be replaced with more appropriate and less degrading terms (that aren’t used to taunt girls in school yards).   Perpetuating the culture of cloaking “fat shaming” in what should be an inspirational article, has become so rampant it has become almost unconscious.

Yet as individuals sharing our stories, and consumers of the articles being circulated – the current culture is a result of our own actions and our responsibility to change, one story at a time.  Weight is a serious issue, yet it needs to be repositioned as health issue.

These articles while praising weight loss, still degrade the same wonderful woman for who whey were before they lost their weight. This is the same woman, and calling her the “Fat Girl” – she is that same girl. To insult who she was 20 years ago, is still an insult today. Help change this by supporting the respectful and uplifting magazines that  This is a change that can be made through writing letters, and supporting the amazing magazines like Women’s Day, Shape Magazine and others that never degrade women – at any weight.