Evolution of the Wingsuit!

Travis Gneiting News

“I made them out of burlap, because we wanted as much air to pass through them as possible  we also took the added precaution of putting slots in…” EVOLUTION OF THE WINGSUIT! 1900 – 2013, it took more than a few lives to get man soaring so effortlessly through the sky. Awesome video and historical recall, you’ll feel bad for laughing so much.

The roots of “Wing Suits” started in the early 1900’s, with adrenaline junkies hurling themselves out of trees, buildings, propeller planes and anything with high enough elevation to gather a crowd. One of the most notable was Clem Sohn – a 1930 airshow dare-devil.  He was one of the first to actually design something that somewhat resembles the wingsuits we see today. His devil act entailed jumping out of a plane and gliding (although we imagine that is quite a generous term) before opening his parachute.  Unfortunately this stuntsmanship would lead to an early death. 

“Sohn’s career came to an end on April 25, 1937, in Vincennes, France. Before taking off, Clem had remarked, “I feel as safe as you would in your grandmother’s kitchen”. But during his descent on that day, his parachute didn’t open. A crowd of 100,000 watched him frantically tug on the ripcord of his emergency chute, but that failed too, and Sohn, 26 years old, plunged to his death.”

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