EPIC Mountain Bike VIDEO: Danny MacAskill Conquers Scotland

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EPIC VIDEO: Danny MacAskill Bikes Down Deadly Ridge Line 3,000 FT Drop

The most technical riding, perilous terrain and artistic cinematography we’ve ever seen in a biking film. Danny MacAskill somehow continues to be the most innovative biker, with signature style on and off the mountain. Already known for his technical bike abilities in on the trails and in trials, Danny MacAskill  sets the record strait when he blazes down the perilous Cuillin ridge line.  As if surviving this precarious terrain wasn’t crazy enough, he mocks the jaws of death by throwing in his MacAskill signature style with tricks and unique frontflips – all while riding atop a skinny ridge with a  3,000 foot drop.    The precarious terrain, filled with technical routes and obstacles, rocky boulders and high stakes 3,000 foot drop off as the bragging rights for any mistakes, the stunning scenery alone is enough to distract any rider to crash and burn.  Filmed in one of the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom, Danny takes us back to his homeland in Scotland – where he sets out to accomplish one of his lifelong goals:  Conquer the Cuillin Ridgeline. –    while Danny tackles the precarious routes with ease. Enjoy the video above and check out some of Danny’s signature tricks such as his unorthodox front flips.

Epic backdrop and even more insane death trap, we have yet to see any mountain bike film with such amazing scenery and hazardous terrain. Watch Danny Macaskill’s escape the jaws of death defy death as he rides down some serious terrain.  Down the steep ridgline shows off his Scottish stomping grounds, a film shot on the   Scots have a reputation for being spirited, Introducing –  Danny MADskills. The Isle of Skye has been officially claimed and conquered by a dude on a bike.  All Danny needs is a flag to stake at the top.  Take that Vikings.Isle of Sky, Scotland.

Danny calls the Isle of Skye home, and this is the first time his mountain bike has hit the trails of his own backyard. The locals haven’t seen him in his hometown since Danny MakAskills name really shotup to the limelight in the american culture scene, especially after his film Imaginate.  Danny’s track to stardom started in 2008 when he moved to Glasgow, and shortly after came a sponsorship with RedBull  – all it took was a friend who filmed him and put up a video online that went viral (no surprises).  Danny has since become a face for Volkswagen, featured in advertizements on television spots and even in a music video for Doves (????).   Mountain biking has a wider audience than anyone thought.

Dana Makaskills Epic Film Imaginate

A humble guy for the fame and talent he has, Danny Makaskill’s show in Imaginate opened new doors in BMX, Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate – Out of His MindMountainbiking and filming. A throwback to everyone’s childhood who grew up in the past 3 decased, Danny’s Imaginate film was nostalgic. Danny demonstrates a talent on and off the pedals.  Two years to dream up and release, Imaginate is a 24 minute rediculous show of biking talent and epic filming.  Lifesize obstacles of kid toys – you just have to see it to even believe it.

MakAskill is proud of his homeland, and this is and riding The Cuillin Ridge is an achievement he has been dreaming of ever since he was a kid. “Ever since I was a kid growing up on Skye I have always dreamed about riding a bike up on the Cuillin ridge. The project took a lot of planning and was probably one of the most physically demanding films I have ever worked on. It was definitely a labor of love though as I wanted to show off the island for how it is and make everyone who lives there proud to be from this amazing part of the world.”

Mountain Bike Must Wast Danny Maskills

Isle of Sky, Scotland.