Elite Custom Rack Water Bottle Cages and Bottles

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We were long overdue for an upgraded hydration system for our road bike.  We don’t race, and as you can tell by the pump attached to the frame aren’t real sticklers for weight.  I wasn’t going to shell out $80 for a water bottle cage to safe a few grams.  All I cared about was something that looked better than a big metal water bottle cage and cut out a little weight over the metal cage.

Elite cycling offers some great carbon cages, but as we mentioned a lot of them go for almost $80 retail.  We opted for the Custom Race Plus water bottle cage.  They look great, we found a color that matched out bike, seemed strong and held the water bottles super tight, but allowed for easy entry and exit.

Paired with the Elite 550 ml bottles the cages are like a match made in heaven.  The bottles weigh in at 91 grams, and aren’t super high quality. The tips and screw top are a bit nicer than a free water bottle you might get from a race.  The pain on the outside of the bottles gets scraped off really easy.  You can see below in a photo after just a few rides the scratches that appear on the bottles.

The cages weigh is at just 39 grams, some of the carbon cages are just 36 grams.  Not a lot of weight savings for 3 times the price.

Out with the old cages and in with the new.

The cutout on the cage makes it easy to install.

The rubber Elite piece helps to secure the bottle in the cage.  You can see the amount of scratching that the bottle endured over just a couple rides.


For $20 retail we are happy with the cages, they are a great upgrade from the old metal cages we have been using.

You can view all Elite product on GearChase.com, and find a lot of products discounted from all your favorite online retailer.


Elite Water Bottle Cages
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Great light weight value for the price. Quality construction, easy to install.