Drew Bezanson Uncontainable + Behind-the-scenes Video

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Drew Bezanson Uncontainable Behind-the-scenes

Drew Bezanson has cemented his name in history with his over the top shipping container BMX stunt. We saw the original video released on August 25, 2015. It has already been shared over 70k times, with I’m sure millions of views on facebook.

The video that took the biking community by storm just weeks after the video of Robby Madison surfed a wave on a dirt bike (Click here to see the video). Now Bezanson has stepped up BMX to a new level.

Bezanson a native of Canada needed bigger ramps and a bigger setup, while still riding a smaller bike. The stunt was built out of a number of large shipping containers. The first video is very impressive, well choreographed and simply amazing. But it’s not until you watch the behind-the-scenes video that you realize just how crazy what Bezanson is doing. Even his friends are questioning how he is able to ride with the calmness he dose.

You can check out the overdone bike that Bezanson used in Uncontainable here The bike weighed in at 24 lbs. The wheels were going to take an enormous amount of impact. Titanium spokes with Elite Hubs laced to Odyssey 7KA rims and wrapped in Maxxis tyres proved to be the right combination.

Drew shared was interviews and told the behind the scenes story on RedBull.com

This was a long time in the making and simply an amazing stunt. Check out the videos below if you have already seen them, they are worth seeing again!