Travis Gneiting First Look, Reviews

Elite Released the Direto X at Eurobike 2019.  The sleek looking new black and chrome is an upgrade from the companies best selling home trainer the original Direto. The Direto X now tops the charts as one of the most accurate trainers on the market with 1.5% Accuracy and 2100 W Power.  As of today, Direto X is the only trainer on the market that is able to actually measure your power output via built-in power meter alongside the Drivo II and the original Direto. 

The Direto X interacts with ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS, meaning that they both interact with any app, software, computer, smartphone and tablets via iOS, Android, OSX and Windows in order to obtain total customization and interactivity for your indoor training sessions. 

The home trainer is a ergometer used to measure effort from the rider.  The new Elite Direto X home bike trainer transmits data from the device to a smart phones app, or other software.  It offers a very accurate representation of the amount of power that is being exhausted.  Automatic pedal resistance is managed via magnetic resistance.   The powered Direto X is connectable to computers, smartphones and other training devices that include video training, Google maps training, Strava and TrainerRoad.

Out of the Box

  •  Direto X Trainer
  • 3 Support Legs
  • Front Wheel Riser Block
  • Instruction book
  • Power Cable with adapters
  • Quick release and hub spacers
  • Promotional material with free trials


The Direto X requires just a few minutes to assemble.  here are 4 bolts on the bottom of the unit to hold the legs, that’s it. 

Depending of the bike and cassette you are using there you may need to install an adapter to the freehub body for compatibility.  


The 3 legs collapse together to make the Direto X extremely small and able to slide under a bed or flat against a wall.


  • Power Sensors
  • Cadence Sensor
  • Compatible 

Data Transmission and Connection

The Elite Direto X uses both Ant+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols to connect to Smartphone apps and other software.

Power Range and Slope

The power range is wide and depends on the speed.  The accuracy of the Direto is measured at plus or minus 1.5% accuracy. 


Slope is simulated on the Direto X as a function of speed and weight.  The higher the slope the more power is required and simulated. This is controlled by the Direto X magnetic braking system. It basically acts on a spinning metal disc to provide resistance. This allows the Direto X to be extremely accurate and a wide variety of training options, and prevents the pedals from locking for safety.

Freehub Compatibility

The Direto X is equipped with a freehub body that is compatible with 9/10/11 speed cassettes by Shimano and SRAM.  Additionally, with an accessory the freehub is compatible with Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed cassettes.  


The LED lights on the Direto X indicate data is being transmitted.  The red LED indicates that the device is turned on.  A green LED indicates the Direto X is connected view ANT+, while the blue LED indicates the Direto X is connected via Bluetooth.

Bike Compatibility

The Direto is compatible with 130 to 135 mm hubs with a 5 mm quick release and 130 to 135 with a 12 x 142 thru axle.


We were excited to see the release of the new Elite Direto X in person and get our hands on it. Look for an in-depth review coming in the future once we have more time with the newest home trainer from Elite.

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