Deep Water Soloing – Rock Climbing Psicobloc

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Deep Water Soloing. What is it? Solo rock climbing, with no protection but the ocean underneath. Check out redbull/Patagonia climbers taking 60ft plunges.

Deep Water Soloing

The preferred medium – ocean sea cliffs at high altidute (originally, but also on reservoirs, rivers…relying solely on the presence of water bottom of the climb to the climber from injury of the fall. Generally these are extremelly difficult routes. This is generally viewed as a new form of climbing – yet that is only due to the exposure of the sport. This freestyle form of climbing started emerging in the late 60’s and 70’sin southern England and the Island Majorca just off of Spain. The real movement started in the 1990’s – and is now gaining traction – with destination climbs in Thailand, Veitnam, Hawaii and other cliff beach locations in tropical climates across the globe.

Just because you can fall in the water doesn’t mean any amatuer should try these routes, they are extremelty difficult routes, and you need to now you are falling in order to push of the rocks, or you’ll be hitting them on the way down. Check out redbull/patagonia climbers taking 60 ft plunges below video below.