London Builds Cycle SuperHighway

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It’s a good time to be a cyclist in the UK.
The quickest, safest and direct way into work – will be on a bike.


The Cycle SuperHighways will have 1.1 Million Daily London Commuters Wanting a Bike

Completely revolutionizing the commuting and the efficiency of transportation, London just gave the green light to the “Cycle SuperHighways” these cycle expressways will likely have many consider investing in a bicycle as they watch these lean and slender cyclist speed past them as they are stuck in traffic, paying for a taxi cab or spewing out Co2 into the air.  London has always been respected for being environmentally conscious, yet constructing a network of separate, protected bike routes for the thousands road bike commuters is revolutionary.  Thousands of cycling enthusiasts who are keen on going green fight their way through traffic every day as they commute their way in from the suburban outskirts every day.  With Bicycles as a form of standard transport in major cities, it was only a matter of time before cyclists were given their own dedicated traffic system.  For those who actually live in London and are interested in seeing the future routes – watch video of one of the paths East-West Video Below:899766-be2d4436-202a-11e4-b035-3276a1bc3645

This is more than a speedway, this is as an entire traffic System

This is more than a speedway, this is as an entire traffic scheme, with lights, bike lane for individual cyclists, underground platforms just like for the “Tube” or the subways for the jealous US cyclists reading this. This cycle speedway was not just a solution to the safety problems that cyclists face each day that they set out to commute on the roadways, yet it has created fast and direct routes do destinations across the capital. In addition to the their own bike lanes, the cycle speedways will also have their own traffic lights. Ingenious, as cyclists can go as fast as cars go, not only is Mayor Johnson cycle freeway going to protect cyclist from other cars, but ensure the cycle speedway doesn’t become cycle mayhem –  the traffic lights will it’s going to protect cyclist from each other. – Final approval was given for the construction of Cycle Speedways in London. These cycle highways will give these thousands of cycle commuters their own bike lanes, completely separate from cars, and even separate lanes from other cyclists in some bike routes.         Up to 90% Off Parts – Jersey Sale:  CAPO, Brandt and more

Cycle Highways in the UK

Pragmatic solution to the current roadblock, environment conservation for future generations

Giving an example to the rest of Western Europe and the United State, the Transport of London has taken a bold stance, and a large investment in conserving the environment, and encouraging their citizens to stay environmentally conscious and stay fit.  How big on an investment – well, in US Dollars it’s about 2$240 Million Dollars, and 160 million Euros.  This idealism has become a reality, years in the making, final approval was given to London Mayor Boris Johnson.  Johnson has personally been lobbying these proposals for years.  After dismissals, objectives, and much litigation and delay tactics, Mayor Johnson’s pragmatic solution to the current gridlock and traffic solution has come to a realization. Not only a rational solution to current roadblocks, this type of long term perspective in decision making decision making yield benefits for generations to come.  Additionally, the designs in plan are not only functional solution – yet like any other UK construction, the artistic construction and architecture enhance the appeal and ingenuity of the city.    Bike Shorts Up to 90% Off


Encouraging Citizens to Cycle

By  creating a safer and easier way to cycle, the Mayor hopes to encourage more citizens to use cycling as a means of transportation.  Cycling can be more than just a hobby, it can become a part of every day life for everyone if it is made convenient and practical.  This will hopefully have a domino effect on the city, get people on their bikes, off the roads, reduce the congestion on the bus and railroads and overall people will have opportunity to live more active and healthy lifestyle.If all necessary paperwork and typical red tape goes unthwarted, construction will begin in April 2015.    Rapha, Bernard, Jaggad Top Namebrand Clearance


Derailing Progress – Who on Earth Would Oppose this?

(If you are wondering who on earth would oppose such an obvious and logical promotion of cycling – just one of the objectors on the docket was the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association).  The objectors also gave statistics to the 10% increase in London Cyclists in 2014, yet they attributed that to mostly males brave enough to ride with the speeding traffic (making it necessary to create a segregated bike lane).  This shows a discrimination and stereotype to MAMILs. –  While objectors were delaying approvals of the plan, there were two bikers who were badly injured in separate accidents in London’s capital.  This type of safety hazards were exactly the reasons Mayor Johnson was pushing for the safer, more economic routes.  It become almost irrefutable to object, for any reason. Now there are some concessions to be made in terms of specific routes, yet there is only progress to be made in terms of enhancing the safety for cyclists in London.  Lastly, if we don’t say it enough. Hats off and thank you to our cycle commuters.   Up to 85% off Bike Parts and Accessories