Best Ski and Snowboard Fights

Top 16 Ski Snowboard Fights and Rage Videos

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With Ski and Snowboard season just around the corner, we though that you might need some help getting amped up for charging the hill.  What says excitement and adrenaline more than Confrontation?  We have a fistful (see what we did there) of Ski and Snowboard fights from  Check out the list below for some of our favorites.

So WINGJUMPing is a thing now

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The best of aeronautics to improve your skiing experience. Wingjump is the first skiing equipment to offer the feeling of being lifted while skiing, in complete safety!” This is a real thing.  If wingsuit diving off a cliff was too much for you,  you can take up a much safer approach and keep it closer to the ground with WingJumping …

Martyn Ashton – Rides Again. This time at Fort Williams

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It’s a mountain bike party with Martyn Ashton at Fort William, following on from Martyn’s incredible Road Bike Party series, Martyn takes on the Fort William Downhill World Cup course on his very special bike.

Pure Darkness 3 – Insane Mountain Bike Trailer

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If you have seen Pure Darkness 2 then you know to hold on to your shorts for this trailer! Just dropping into the roll-in would be scary enough. Mixed with a giant step-up, throw in some death metal and you have yourself Pure Darkness 3!

Waterpark Skating in Dubai

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Red Bull put together a small group of amazing skateboarders to thrash this empty water-park in Dubai. The skill that these riders possess is filling these empty slides with incredible footwork. You can check out the entire edit on Red Bull here

April Fools – Mountain Bike Jokes

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It’s that time of year again, where all the companies try to post something outrageous or stupidly funny to attract some website traffic. Now is your chance to get ahead of the game with these great advice from Our personal favorite would be valve stem or bell trick. We take no responsibility to your friends no longer being friends …

How to Ollie Higher

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This is interesting stuff. We love the science behind all of the magical tricks people can do on Skateboards. Sometimes we forget its all physics.

You Don’t Have to be a Dog Lover to Smile at This

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This is really cute. Watch this dog staring at his owner, or his food. Until the owner looks his way, then he stares off into space as if nothing was happening.

Centriphone – iPhone Spinning Ski Video

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How could something so simple look so awesome. If your like us, I’m sure you will be saying to your self, “why didn’t I think of that”. This is such a great concept for some awesome angles. It reminds us a little bit of some of the stitched together shots from the matrix.

A Month into Your New Years Resolution

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It’s been nearly a month since you started your new years resolution. Have you been hitting the “wild kingdom”? Seen any of these gym rats during your recent visits to the gym?

Fast Forward – Ski Movie – Through Buildings, In Trucks, Over Swim Pools

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What an awesome edit. This ski movie didn’t get enough attention last year in 2015, so we want to bring it back for 2016. It’s a great edit filmed in a resort city. Jibbing everything you can think of, tunnles, swimming pools, the lodge deck, indoor stairs, and a HUGE lodge gap. Share it if it’s the best edit you …

What will the Japanese Think of Next?

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The Japanese decided hurling humans off a ski jump in the middle of summer just isn’t doable. So the next best thing is to roll tires off a ski jump. Multiple camera angles, and distances, it looks like this going be a new sport. Watch out Red Bull, Yokohama is right on your tail.

2015 Mexico City Downhill Race

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30,000 Fans came out to see these pro mountain bikers racing down the street and dirt track in Taxco Mexico.

Funny Camper vs Glamper (glam camping)

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If your a car camper, ultra-light guy, or a 12 wheel winabego wannabe, you are sure to find yourself fitting a few of these sterotypes.

Vincent Gagnier – Poppin Tricks as they come in

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Pretty impressive skills, to see tricks called out online and Gagnier is able to pull them off almost on the spot!


Nitro Circus – World Games 2016 Open Invitation

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Ok, where to we buy tickets! Salt Lake City (’s Home Town) will be hosting the first ever world games of extreme sports. It’s an open invitation for all you crazy kids out there. All you have to do is qualify. The event is set to last three hours and be televised live all over the world. It will consist …

Baby in Diapers Free Climbs 20ft Wall

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alk about prodigy, this little girl scales a 20ft wall. This has got to be the most extreme demonstration of no fear and natural born talent. Not quite at light speed, but you can tell she is assessing her footing and holds – give it a year and she’ll be flying up those walls.

Chases and Catches Bike Theif – Insane

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Normally if you get your bike stolen, you would think to call the cops.  Not this guy.  He jumps on another bike and chases down the bike theif.  Taking matter into his own hands paid off, and the GoPro mounted to his head captures it all.  Taking every precaution to keep your bike safe isn’t always enough, these criminals try their best …

Legend Longboarder – James Kelly in Burn it Down

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James Kelly latest release of his pro model via Arbor Skateboards also released this insane video. It is guaranteed to get your heart moving. The speed wobbles at 2:27 are nerve shaking. Flowing through the Sierras, at unbelievable speeds, this is one amazing video. Arbor Longboard from over 20 different online merchants in one spot spherical_explorer

GoPro in 360 – Interactive Video

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GoPro has joined forces with Kolor to now provide a mount that provides vision similar to what Google has done with street view only with live video.  Check out the video below. You can drag and pan around the live video while it’s playing.  Check out the sky, dirt, helmet, horse.  It’s a game changes in what is possible with …


Trophy Truck vs Rally Car ( Recoil 2 vs Gymkanah 5)

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We have been a long time fan of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos from the beginning through the hooligans series. One of our favorites has always been Gymkhana Five, where Ken Block takes to the streets of San Francisco. The insane streets, hills, jumps, corners, drifting, it awesome to watch. Until recently nothing has gotten us this stoked. We recently came …

BSR Super Slide

Waterslide + Ski Jump = Awesome Fun

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With well over 3.5 Million views this video shows just how much fun a water slide can be. In Texas, everything is big(er) including their fun!  BSR Water Park near Austin Texas built these awesome water slides to mimic ski jumps.  It’s incredible to see the amount of speed that is picked up and just how far they travel on …


Triple Back Flip on a Dirt Bike

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See it here first, the worlds first triple back flip on a dirt bike.  Perfectly executed! This has been some time in the making by the nitro circus guys. We have seen practice video of this 3 flip into an air bag. This is the first time it has been landed on dirt. This is such a historic event for …

Dog Bike Ride Videos

Videos: Top 10 Dog/Bike videos

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We all love dogs, and we should all love bikes!  So we have brought the best of both worlds together.  This is the top 10 best dogs who love bikes videos on the internet. 1. Norma Rides a Bike 2. Downhill Mountain Bike Dog, Scrubbin’ jumps and railing berms! 3. Dalmation Riding a bike 4. Dog riding a bike with …