Backcountry-Black-Friday-Sale – Black Friday Deals

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Kona Sport Black Friday Black Friday up to 65% with Special Codes

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BEGINNING SATURDAY NOV 22ND – THURSDAY NOV 27TH Coupon code: BACKINBLACK takes 20% off all full priced items including UGG, north face, adidas, patagonia, columbia. This code excludes gopro cameras and accessories and also all oversized items like surfboards, skimboards, skateboards bodyboards etc. cannot be combined with other offers. Sale does not apply to previously purchased items. Coupon code: BLACKOUT1 …

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Ken Block Does It Again

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Ken Block Launches Gymkhana 7: Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles PRESS RELEASE – NOV 17th, Los Angeles, CA — Head Hoonigan In Charge, Ken Block, is proud to announce that his latest installment in the award-winning Gymkhana viral video series has officially launched on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel today. The video, Gymkhana SEVEN: Wild in the Streets of Los …

Got a GoPro? Try Someting Like This

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Insane Stuntman Roof Jump Here is a quick way to become internet famous: Strap a GoPro to your head Jump of a building Slide down a roof Air to a spiral staircase Get Famous This is stunt man Ethan Swanson from Chicago Illinois.  He looks pretty calculated in this highly risky roof jump. Show this one to your friends on …

Oakley Airwave 1.5 with Garmin Preview

Oakley Releases New Airewave 1.5 Goggle with Garmin GPS

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OAKLEY PARTNERS WITH GARMIN Next Evolution of Oakley Airwave™ Snow Goggle with Heads-Up Display to Serve as Wireless Video Display and Remote Control Solution for Garmin® VIRB® Elite Camera FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., October 27, 2014 – Oakley, Inc. today announced it has teamed up with Garmin® to expand the functionality of the next evolution in Oakley Airwave™ alpine goggle technology. …

RumbleRoller® Foam Roller and RumbleRoller Beastie® Review

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These deep tissue massage tools might look like some sort of torture device! But they are far from that. Foam rollers are flooding the market now, but a quick look at the RumbleRoller and you can tell there is something different.  With it’s foam extrusions and verrsatility you controll the agressiveness of the massage. We gave the RumbleRoller® and RumbleRoller …


Columbia Parallel Grid Women’s Jacket Review

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Women’s Parallel Grid(tm) Jacket Omni-HeatTM thermal reflective and insulated 80g u Omni-TechTM waterproof/Fully Breathable First Impression: QUALITY With Columbia’s signature tailoring, streamlined design, and quality construction – the innovative Omni Heat technology isn’t the only thing that sets the Parallel Grid apart.  The fabric, the fabric, the fabric.  While the biggest trend of the season is more insulation with less …

Outdoor Nature Art – Snowshoe Art to Leaves

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Nature Art is respected the most difficult, unpredictable medium to work with in the artistic circle.  Conforming nature to beautiful man-sculptures – aside from the beauty already offered by nature – yields some of the most complex art of the century. Below are some of the most famous achievements over the recent decades. Notably the first – often first perceived …

Adidas Snowboarding Boots Review

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Adidas and snowboarding.  Almost seems like an oxymoron. Maybe it was Nike entering the snowy terrain and their rampat success that prompted the move – yet the first word that comes to mind is SKEPTICAL.  The action sports industry has a stigma of “hating” newcomers, especially when it comes to big commercial brands.  Somehow Nike was able to overcome this …

Vertical Drop

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Vertical Drop Skiing. Pushing the envelope on extreme. Skiing or controlled falling? Grand Targhee, Wyoming – The aptly named “Pink Slip”

2014 Nike Kaiju Snowboard Boot Review

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2014 Nike Kaiju Snowboard Boot Review Review with Pictures, Youtube Videos and comparisons to other boots in it’s class. Check out a quick and dirty review video just to show you the sleek look, interior lining, awesome traction and of course the design that no other brand can even start to compete with. That billion dollar swoosh, a brand that …

Burton Ion Snowboard Boot 2014 Review

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Ions are the perfect boot to keep you insulated, warm and are highly responsive to a rider when it counts – whether you are a freestyle rider on the park or in the backcountry terrain. If you need a boot that can handle the versatility of climates and terrain, this is the boot that can handle it all. The price …

Interbike 2013 Las Vegas- World’s Largest Bicycling Event

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What it is? North America’s largest gathering, or rather clarmmering – to the biggest events and celebrations in the cycling industry.  From celebrating, educating and introducing the newest and latest innovations in the cycling industry – Interbike 2013 will leave spectators nothing less then amazed if they are even able to take the time to really explore the products at each of …

Burton GORE-TEX(R) AK 2L Cyclic Jacket – SALE

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Save $190 Burton GORE-TEX(R) AK 2L Cyclic Jacket – Reviewed #1 Boarding Coat for 2013. Only $159.22. INSANE DEAL!! Go to and use Coupon Code “EB091013B” Don’t need a jacket? Use the code for 25% off your entire order for ANYTHING at Sierra Trading Post! Use link COUPON EXPIRES ON THE 15th!!!!

Evolution of the Wingsuit!

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“I made them out of burlap, because we wanted as much air to pass through them as possible  we also took the added precaution of putting slots in…” EVOLUTION OF THE WINGSUIT! 1900 – 2013, it took more than a few lives to get man soaring so effortlessly through the sky. Awesome video and historical recall, you’ll feel bad for …

Deep Water Soloing – Rock Climbing Psicobloc

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Deep Water Soloing. What is it? Solo rock climbing, with no protection but the ocean underneath. Check out redbull/Patagonia climbers taking 60ft plunges. The preferred medium – ocean sea cliffs at high altidute (originally, but also on reservoirs, rivers…relying solely on the presence of water bottom of the climb to the climber from injury of the fall. Generally these are …

You thought tricks were for kids.

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Jordan step aside. This basket ball rockstar has got you beat hands down, nothing but net from the top of 50 story buildings, nailing it from across a foot ball stadiums, even sinking the hoop as it’s sailing away in the sky.  The NBA needs to rethink their standard, because it’s becoming subpar.

World’s Longest Lunatic Rope Swing – Slot Canyon Cliff Jump

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Corona Arch Swing – take a back seat, this canyon nose dive has got you beat.  400 ft free fall into a narrow slot canyon. That free fall is almost 4 times higher than the corona arch swing.  Swinging out into open space from a pendulum jimmy rigged to each side of the canyon.  Safe? To an adrenaline junkie – …

Trike Drifters – Bigwheels on Steriods

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 Best Thing to Happen on 3 Wheels Trike Drifters. What is it?  20-30 year old grown men flying down paved streets streets on tricked out bigwheels.  The decked out tricycles have fat slick rear tires made out of PVC pipe compliments of Home Depot.  Steep downhill, cutting hard corners, 360° spins and unsuspecting vehicles – another genre of reckless adrenaline junkies …

Pedal Powered Kamakazi – Freeride Mountain Biking

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Freestyle Mountain biking, the Golden Child of Dirt Biking & Mountain Biking Freeride entails large drops, jumps, and Evil Knievel stunts minus the fire and hoops. These bikes a meant to take abuse and heavy beatings with suspension travel up to 6″-9″. Yet these riders deserve some major creds – their bikes don’t have half the support and suspension that …