5 Bike Clothing Items You Should Own

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If you have been biking for a couple years now chances are you own the basics. Maybe you have a favorite pare of bike shorts, a jersey and helmet. What more could you need. There are so many new and innovative bike products that can make your rides more enjoyable. Below we listed our 5 favorite upgrades to a cyclist …

Houdini Sportwear Review

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Power Houdi Review One of the most popular products from Houdini Outerwear is their Power Houdi. It comes in 16 colors and 6 sizes. The jacket is made from Power Stretch® Pro™ from Polartec® (57% polyester, 33% polyamide, 10% elastane) a very stretchy, breathable, and durable fabric. Its perfect use is for layering under a ski shell, or as I …

BioLite Headlamp 330 First Look and Review

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This really is the headlamp we have been waiting for. It boast 330 Lumans, can run for 3.5 hours on high, or 40 hours on low. It cost only $49, is USB rechargeable, and has many lighting options including red flood for night expeditions. BioLite HeadLamp 330 Review BioLite launched a kickstarted back in September 2018. The lights are now …

Are Burton Snowboards Good?

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Burton Snowboards are the top snowboard brand in the world. They have been making the best snowboards in terms of quality and materials for decades. I have personally been riding Burton snowboards for over 20 years and can vouch that they are some of the best quality snowboards in terms of durability and variety on the market. Here is a …

Complete Comparison of Biolite CampStove 2 Review

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Overview Biolite has recently released a new version of the world famous Biolite stove.  It can cook your food, boil your water, charge your phone and other electronics all from a little portable camp stove you can carry around with you in a backpack and fuel with things you can find laying around your yard.  The upgrades to the CampStove …

What Happened to WhiskeyMilitia.com?

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If you are a regular visitor of GearChase.com you may have wondered is WhiskeyMilitia.com down?  Or Why is Whiskey Militia redirecting to SteepandCheap.com? We have been informed by Backcountry.com the parent company of both WhiskeyMilitia.com and SteepAndCheap.com that they have indeed removed WhiskeyMilitia.com from the interweb and redirected all traffic to SteepAndCheap.com.  This is not a new decision for Backcountry.com.  If …

Bear Sleeping Bag

Sleep Inside a Bear?

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Looking to up your camping game?  Why not sleep in a bear?  This realistic bear sleeping bag was created by Eiko Ishizawa as a sculpture.  Inspired by a new story in 2006 about a bear that escaped into the Alps. This was the first bear in the wild in the region for 170 years. Controversy over if the bear should …

Shoe Lace Locker

Shoe Lace Locker Review

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Here at GearChase.com we love to ride bikes! We love mountain biking shoes too.  We ride all types from clipless shoes and pedals to laced shoes and flats.  One of the issue we always seem to run into is getting laces stuck in the chain and chainring.  There is a solution, it’s called the lace locker.  Carol Stanley, the inventor …

38 Best Ski and Face Mask

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It’s almost Ski and Snowboard Season so we wanted to give you a few ideas to cover up that beautiful face of yours when in the cold.  From Balaclava’s to Beards there is no better way to cover your face that with these! Share It or Shop real mask on GearChase.com


Nitro Circus – World Games 2016 Open Invitation

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Ok, where to we buy tickets! Salt Lake City (GearChase.com’s Home Town) will be hosting the first ever world games of extreme sports. It’s an open invitation for all you crazy kids out there. All you have to do is qualify. The event is set to last three hours and be televised live all over the world. It will consist …

GearChase Top November Sales

Over 50 Sites Links – For Exclusive Holiday Deals

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There are so many sales going on with outdoor gear from past seasons, the mad dash for black friday and the industry trying to stretch out Black Friday into an entire month long event.  How do you keep track of it all?  Well GearChase is know for finding you the best most amazing deals for outdoor gear from 100’s of …