BioLite Headlamp 330 First Look and Review

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This really is the headlamp we have been waiting for. It boast 330 Lumans, can run for 3.5 hours on high, or 40 hours on low. It cost only $49, is USB rechargeable, and has many lighting options including red flood for night expeditions. BioLite HeadLamp 330 Review BioLite launched a kickstarted back in September 2018. The lights are now …

Complete Comparison of Biolite CampStove 2 Review

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Overview Biolite has recently released a new version of the world famous Biolite stove.  It can cook your food, boil your water, charge your phone and other electronics all from a little portable camp stove you can carry around with you in a backpack and fuel with things you can find laying around your yard.  The upgrades to the CampStove …

What Happened to

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If you are a regular visitor of you may have wondered is down?  Or Why is Whiskey Militia redirecting to We have been informed by the parent company of both and that they have indeed removed from the interweb and redirected all traffic to  This is not a new decision for  If …

Elite Custom Rack Water Bottle Cages and Bottles

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We were long overdue for an upgraded hydration system for our road bike.  We don’t race, and as you can tell by the pump attached to the frame aren’t real sticklers for weight.  I wasn’t going to shell out $80 for a water bottle cage to safe a few grams.  All I cared about was something that looked better than …

Bear Sleeping Bag

Sleep Inside a Bear?

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Looking to up your camping game?  Why not sleep in a bear?  This realistic bear sleeping bag was created by Eiko Ishizawa as a sculpture.  Inspired by a new story in 2006 about a bear that escaped into the Alps. This was the first bear in the wild in the region for 170 years. Controversy over if the bear should …

Shoe Lace Locker

Shoe Lace Locker Review

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Here at we love to ride bikes! We love mountain biking shoes too.  We ride all types from clipless shoes and pedals to laced shoes and flats.  One of the issue we always seem to run into is getting laces stuck in the chain and chainring.  There is a solution, it’s called the lace locker.  Carol Stanley, the inventor …

Marathon Facts

[Infographic] Interesting Statistics about Marathons

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For an ordinary runner, running a marathon can be among the most challenging goals that you can aim for. A marathon is not some ordinary race that you can just step on the starting line and run like you normally do and reach the finish line. Running a marathon requires months of preparation and dedication. When running a marathon, you …

binge eating full fat

So you ate too much. Now what?

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1. Get a Grip: Get some perspective. Whether it was one meal, or 1 weekend of stuffing your face – as long as you have good everyday eating habits, a few slip ups aren’t going make you obese overnight. So get a grip, and stop obsessing. While you notice every annoying pound you gain, unless you’ve totally screwed up – chances are nobody is …

Rallt Hammock and Tree Strap Review

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If you know us, you know we love hammocks. They are great for lounging in the backyard, camping, sleeping, and cuddling. When Rallt ask if we want to try a new 2 person hammock of course we jumped at the chance. We have spent time in more than 50 different hammocks, most recently we have been using two single hammock …


Keen’s New Waterproof Shoe – The Aphlex Reviewed

Travis Gneiting News, Reviews tried out and reviewed the Keen Aphlex waterproof hiking shoe this summer and this is what we thought of them. As full disclosure we were sent the shoes from keen for testing, and it in no way influenced our review of the shoe. If you are familiar with Keen Footwear, or have owned a pair of Keen shoes in …


Solight Solar Powered Collapsible Lanterns review

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Solight inflatable solar powered light offer a small convenient way to add ambient bright white, soft white, or colored light to a campsite, patio, or in case of an emergency. They can be charged on the go and collapse by just stepping on it, or twisting and collapsing the box. They also do it with a purpose, providing light to …

Mountain Gear Autumn Sale

13 Brands –’s Huge Autumn Sale

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Mountain Gear is offering up some goods early this year.  No camping outside waiting for black friday sales.  Check out these great sale that are just as good as you can expect from black Friday deals this year.  It’s a great time to stock up on end of season climbing gear from Black Diamond, Salewa, Petzl and La Sportiva.  Even …

Sierra Trading Post Now in Utah

Sierra Trading Post now in Utah

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As many of you may know, is located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. We recently heard the great news that we would be getting a Sierra Trading Post near the base of the Wasatch Mountains just down the street from the majority of the Ski Resorts and Mountain Biking trails. We headed over during the …


SunJack Solar Panel Charger and Battery Review

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The SunJack 14W solar panel and 8000mAh battery bank are a great option for charging devices, or storing power while off the grid, emergency preparedness or roadside kits. The solar panel can be used to charge phones, tablets, camera, and other devices that can be charged via USB plugs. Additionally, the SunJack comes with a battery pack that tucks away …

Wolf Tooth Component Review

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We have been riding a little over a year on our 1×11 setup with a SRAM X01 X-SYNC Chainring 32 Tooth, 94 mm BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter). From just after the first few rides on it we noticed a noise coming from the drive train. After some investigation we replaced the bottom bracket which had a very slight rolling roughness …

Pure Darkness 3 – Insane Mountain Bike Trailer

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If you have seen Pure Darkness 2 then you know to hold on to your shorts for this trailer! Just dropping into the roll-in would be scary enough. Mixed with a giant step-up, throw in some death metal and you have yourself Pure Darkness 3!


What’s Up with “Burton Durable Goods”

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If you’re like us, Burton has been a household name since the 90’s. They were started in the 70’s as a snowboard brand which quickly grew to world domination in the industry. With all of the top name pros, Burton logo’s plastered over every event, and the most loved to be hated brand, It was hard to not walk around …

Steep and Cheap Discount Code

Meet the New

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In case you haven’t noticed there have been some awesome changes to Steep and Cheap.  Backcountry is trying to revitalize the site that has received some negative criticism over the last few years for not having very good deals any longer. From our secret insiders at Steep and Cheap, we found out that they will be improving the deals, and posting …

Thule Stir Backpack Review

Thule Stir Backpack Reviewed

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When we think of Thule we think of car racks, not backpacks. So, what do they know about backpacking. We noticed a while back when attending the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah that Thule was expanding their offerings and product lines. They have one of the more impressive booths at the show. Showing off all of their …


AKU Women’s Transalpina GT Boots Reviewed

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AKU is an Italian company that has grown from a small footwear business out of a little workshop to a world wide company producing some high quality boots. It was founded by Galliano BOrdin more than 30 years ago. The boots from AKU range from mountaineering to active and lifestyle boots. Manufacturing and product development happens in Montebelluna, Italy. Additionally, …

GoPro Session Review

The Ultimate GoPro Session Hero 4 Review

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We reviewed the GoPro Hero4 Session from every angle to help you decide if the new lower price point matches it’s limited camera functionality, and lesser image and video quality. At a $199 price point, plus the new form factor, we still believe the GoPro Session to have a viable place in the action camera space. It still records great …