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Travis Gneiting GearChase Updates

We here at love a good deal, and we love telling our friends about good deals we find.  We see it as kind of like bragging that you paid less for something than they did.  The reward of hunting around a stores clearance rack, garage sale, or your local online classified ads and finding the deal you have been … Back To School Specials

Back-to-School Deep Discounts on BackCountry Gear

Travis Gneiting GearChase Updates

It’s that time of year again, if you haven’t already been thinking about it. That’s right back-to-school time. A big part of going back to school is stocking up on back to school supplies. We here at gearchase aren’t really into yellow stick notes and spiral notebooks. You may however be looking for some new duds to get your fashion …

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Quicksilver added to our Deals of the Day

Travis Gneiting GearChase Updates

Quicksilver has joined our Daily Deals Page. recently released their deal of the day page.  We are now tracking it homepage and through our mobile android and iPhone apps.  Here is a little secret, there usually are more than just one single deal, so click through when the deal changes, and see what else is in the “YOU …