Outdoor Roasting Marshmallow Sticks

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othing says summer like a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Ditch the twigs and become a marshmallow roasting maestro with Outdoor Roastings Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Sticks. Perfect for an open campfire – Outdoor Roastings has quality cookout tools for Hot Dogs, S’mores, Kabobs and anything else you’d want to cook over a campfire or eat under the sun. With a unique patent-pending design, the Perfect Marshmallow Roaster …

Sleeping on Rocks is for Cavemen

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oing camping doesn’t mean you have to go back to the stone age. Sleeping on rocks is for cavemen. Columbus was onto something, the world isn’t flat. Yet the first step to pitching an old-school tent means finding a flat campsite.  No amount of planning or  Google satellite mapping can assure you’ll find flat ground free of rocks, dips, shrubs, mud or …

Rareform Billboard Bags

Rareform – Unique Billboard Bags

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Have you seen these bags from Rareform?  They make everything from Surfboard bags to hip packs, even wallets.  The catch is that Rareform bags are made from recycled billboard.  That’s right, tough, bombproof upcycled billboards. We got our hands on a Hip Pack and wallet from Rareform and got to play with these for a bit.  The stand out colors …

Prime Design Capture POV Review - GearChase.com

Peak Design – Capture POV Review

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Peak Design has been making camera mounts for point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, and GoPro cameras for over 10 years.  The idea to move the camera from around the neck to a belt or backpack strap sounds like a good idea, but how well will it work, will the camera remain secure, and is there really any value in the cost? …

LL Bean Outerwear Pants Review

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If you love exploring and hiking – at some point you are going to realize that jeans just don’t cut it and the wind cuts right through those yoga pants too, not to mention the twigs and branches.  The more serious you become about adventuring, you need to invest in some real outdoor gear.  Hit fall time, or high altitude …

G3 Ion Binding Review

G3 ION Touring Binding

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G3 makes one of the top touring bindings for lightweight, power, and reliability. The secrete is in the 5-12 retention system. Designed with th ebig mountain in mind in accompaniment with Chad Sayer, it is one of the lightest weight bindings in the industry. Chad frequents the Rocky mountains with this binding showing off it’s 585 g profile. The G3 …

RumbleRoller® Foam Roller and RumbleRoller Beastie® Review

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These deep tissue massage tools might look like some sort of torture device! But they are far from that. Foam rollers are flooding the market now, but a quick look at the RumbleRoller and you can tell there is something different.  With it’s foam extrusions and verrsatility you controll the agressiveness of the massage. We gave the RumbleRoller® and RumbleRoller …


EarthEasy LifeStraw Portable Water Filter REVIEW

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Time to ditch your water canteens and water bottles, the LifeStraw water filter works in lakes, streams, puddles and street gutters. Even better, for every LifeStraw® water filter sold, the company provides a child in Africa with clean water for an entire school year. If you love to hike, but hate hiking extra water around – you could save a …

Smith Fore Front Helmet

Smith ForeFront Mountain Bike Helmet Review

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Smith Optics has always been an avalanche of innovation.   The creators who taught us “Change is Easy” with the first interchangeable lens snow goggle ,  Smith can’t seem to touch anything without completely reinventing it.   Smith invaded Snow Helmet industry over 7 years ago and revolutionized the game with original technology, cutting-edge designs and seamless goggle integration.  In 2013 …

Superfeet Insole Review

Superfeet Insole Review

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The Superfeet Carbon Insole offer a low profile super strong and durable insole perfect for everything from biking to trail running.  Most insoles lift the foot too high out of the shoe that it begins to fit differently, or it trys to minimise the profile and ends up with a insole that offers little to no benefit.  The Carbon superfeet …

Nite Ize Lights and GearTie Review

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We recently came across some great little gadgets provided by Nite Ize.  While browsing their website http://www.niteize.com/ We got to take a hands on look at the INOVA X3A Bike Light and a few other products. Bike lights are going through a huge transition over the past few years.  Cost have been coming down, and lumens have been coming up.  The …

Nike LunarENDOR QuickStrike Snowboard Boots – 2014

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Nike Lights up the pipe, half pipe that is with the 2014 LunarEndor Quickstrike. Nike snowboarding unleashed the Limited Edition LunarENDOR Quickstrike Snowboarding Boots just in time for the 2014 Winter Olympic Qualifiers.  That means collectors – watch out for their release,  once these bad boys light up the half pipe, their re-sell price just went up by 3 gold …

SWOOB – Sports Bra with Phone Pockets Review

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The Perfect Solution for the Active Woman’s Everyday Problem Sports bras with pockets are taking the market by storm. On the forefront of the hype, Swoob has been setting the standard when it comes to design and performance.  Swoob was featured on the Today Show for their innovative sports bra pocket designs and fashion forward Women’s workout clothes.  Catering to the active …

2014 Nike Lunarendor Snowboard Boots Review

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Nike Lunarendor Snowboard Boots REVIEW   In September 2013 Nike will be unveiling the much anticipated Nike Lunarendor snowboard boot, building upon style and cult following of the Nike Zoomites, yet will add a secret ingredient that no other snowboarding company can possibly compete with. A trademark  innovation that has made Nike an industry leader in athletic footwear, Lunar Foam …

Olukai – Luxury HandCrafted Hawaiian Style For Men Women and Kids

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Bringing some beach to the streets, one step at a time – Olukai. For women, men or kids.  Simple as the name – Olukai: OLU “COMFORT”  and KAI “OCEAN”.  A Hawaiian based company – true and blue to the Hawaiian culture, which is fully embodied into the craftsmanship and comfort of each style. Their production technique is simple, fit by nature.  The proof is in …