Unigear Campfy P3 Air Sleep Pad Review

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The Unigear Campfire P3 air sleeping pad is a budget-friendly inflatable camping pad that is water repellent tear-resistant, quiet, and lightweight. The camp pad can be inflated using your mouth on the valve that’s self-sealing, or the inflatable bag that simply presses against the valve. It’s made from 40d310t nylon and uses a 150d Oxford strap. The packed down size …

Are LTD Snowboards any Good?

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You may wonder with the cheap price of LTD snowboards, do they hold up, or break easily? Should I spend more money to get a Burton or Ride snowboard? LTD has been making snowboards since 1993. You may be use to seeing them in big box retail stores like Sports Authority, or The Sports Chalet. LTD boards seem to cater …

So WINGJUMPing is a thing now

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The best of aeronautics to improve your skiing experience. Wingjump is the first skiing equipment to offer the feeling of being lifted while skiing, in complete safety!” This is a real thing.  If wingsuit diving off a cliff was too much for you,  you can take up a much safer approach and keep it closer to the ground with WingJumping …

Martyn Ashton – Rides Again. This time at Fort Williams

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It’s a mountain bike party with Martyn Ashton at Fort William, following on from Martyn’s incredible Road Bike Party series, Martyn takes on the Fort William Downhill World Cup course on his very special bike.

Ride Snowboard Boots

Are Ride Snowboards Boots any Good?

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Ride has been a big hitter in the snowboard industry for years. They have been making snowboards for years, but you may wonder how good are ride snowboard boots? Ride snowboards has been making snowboard products since 1992. Soon there after they started making technical outerwear, clothing, boots and bindings. Ride has since won awards for their snowboard boot. Some …

Brightest Northern Lights in 10 Years

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he colors of the aurora borealis, typically isolated to the northern most part of the hemisphere was seen as far south as Colorado on Monday night. An impressive geomagnetic storm on Monday night caused the aurora to be visible in Colorado and other unusual locations, reaching as far as New England and Iowa. The forecast for seeing the aurora borealis …

Sleeping on Rocks is for Cavemen

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oing camping doesn’t mean you have to go back to the stone age. Sleeping on rocks is for cavemen. Columbus was onto something, the world isn’t flat. Yet the first step to pitching an old-school tent means finding a flat campsite.  No amount of planning or  Google satellite mapping can assure you’ll find flat ground free of rocks, dips, shrubs, mud or …

The North Face Surge Backpack Review

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Northface Surge Backpack Review You have to be at your office in the morning, meeting friends at the gym in the afternoon and, to make matters worse, you have to lug books to your night class.  No time to go home and change or pick up books.  Instead of looking forward to a day of backbreaking work, the Northface Surge …

Snowboard Company Directory

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A complete list of all snowboard companies currently selling snowboards this season. With all the different snowboard companies out there you may have wondered to yourself, “Just how many snowboard companies are there”? Here is a list with links to the snowboard companies we’ve found that are currently building, and selling snowboards.  Keep an eye out for new reviews from …