Smith Bobcat & Wildcat Sunglasses

Smith Optics Wildcat vs. Bobcat Sunglasses In-depth Comparison & Review

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Are you trying to find out what the difference is between the new Smith Bobcat sunglasses vs the popular Smith Wildcat sunglasses? From a distance, the two sunglasses from Smith Optics both look like large oversized cycling sunglasses for road biking or mountain biking. They both offer a large face and eye protection as well as rubber contact points to …

OneUp Components Aluminum Pedal Comparison and Review

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OneUp Components pedals are one of the most popular pedals for mountain bikers because of their strength, durability, oversized footprint, super thin design, and ability to be rebuilt. The pedals are lightweight (only 365g), thin, and shaped for the ball of your foot make them a great option for most common foot sizes, both men and women. If you have …


Travis Gneiting Bikes, First Look, Reviews

We had a chance to check out the new SNEK Cycling bags. Vital Case Tool Holder The Vital Case tool holder is a pack designed to hold the essentials (tube, pump, co2 cartridges, small tool, tire lever, and a credit card or cash. It has a silicone band to keep it all together and a “Voile” (for you backcountry skiers) …

Endura Single Track Lite Mountain Bike Shorts Review

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I have been wearing the Endura Singletrack lite mountain bike shorts for the last month and here is my honest review of them. The Endura single-track light short is a lightweight short for cross country or light Enduro riding. Endura sent us a pair to try out. The short is made of a four-way stretch nylon fabric that feels durable …

Urban Cycle Clothing Review

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Urban Cycle is based out of Missouri and Arkansas they offer value priced cycle clothing. They offer road, mountain, gravel, and city clothing designed for biking. We were sent some clothing to try out and provide our opinion on to give you an idea if Urban Cycle clothing is right for you. I recently had the chance to ride the …

Onguard mastiff bike lock review

Why I use the OnGuard Mastiff Chain Lock

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OnGuard Chain Lock Review Why the OnGuard 8019 LP Mastiff chain lock is the lock I choose to secure my bike. I have used many on guard chains and kryptonite chain locks over the last decade. While the on guard 8019 LP is a smaller diameter chain it has more convenience yet protects just as well as other chains I’ve …

New Velo Senso Wilson Saddle Review

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Velo Mountain Bike Seat We were sent the Velo bike seat to test out and give our honest review. We were not compensated for this review. We may receive a small compensation for purchases made through links on this review. The Velo Senso Wilson is a new saddle just released from Velo. It has a tiny price tag and is …

Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex® Infinium Hybrid Jacket Review

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I have been riding the Gore Wear C5 Infinium Hybrid Jacket for a couple months now here in Utah since the weather turned cold. Last year we reviewed the Gore C5 Active Jacket a full Gore-Tex® Jacket. The new Infinium Hybrid offers similar protection from rain and cold weather in a stretch soft fleece lined fabric called GORE-TEX Infinium. It …

Hutchinson Griffus Tire Review

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Hutchinson hit the market with a new aggressive enduro tire aimed at fast, durable, and grippy riding. The tires come in a variety of diameters and widths. Namely a 29″ and 27.5″ both in 2.4 and 2.5 widths.  They have a foldable rugged bead and side to side hard skin protection that place different tread compounds (different rubber mix) in …

OXBOW Bike Light Review

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Oxbow recently sent up a bike light to try out and review on GearChase. We spend a lot of time riding with bike lights both on and off the trail.  The Oxbow may look very familiar to other lights you may have seen on other websites.  The value add from Oxbow is that it comes with GoPro mounts and a …

Five Ten – Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoe Review

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The newly designed Freerider Pro mountain bike shoe built upon the popular Five Ten Freerider with an upgraded look and a few feature changes. Few shoes are as popular or as seen on the trail as the Five Ten Freeriders, and now we have even more options!  The Pro’s come in a new handful of colors like Night Navy, EQT Blue, …


AbsoluteBlack Oval Chainring – Real World Use – Review

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I am going to take a little different approach on this article on the AbsoluteBlack oval chainrings.  There are hundreds of articles and videos online that talk about the gains of an oval chainring. They make claims or arguments about how the peddling efficiency in +/- or that Wattage is improved.  There are scientific explanations behind the design of oval …

Mucky Nutz Bike Fender

Mucky Nutz Mountain Bike Fender Review

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There are few upgrades that are less expensive that do as much as adding a mountain bike fender. Mucky Nutz mountain bike fenders are some of the most well known in the indusrty. Riding mountain bikes in early spring means lots of mud and puddles. For around the cost of a 12 pack, you can protect your bike, save some …

Chases and Catches Bike Theif – Insane

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Normally if you get your bike stolen, you would think to call the cops.  Not this guy.  He jumps on another bike and chases down the bike theif.  Taking matter into his own hands paid off, and the GoPro mounted to his head captures it all.  Taking every precaution to keep your bike safe isn’t always enough, these criminals try their best …

[Video] One Armed Mountain Biker

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This is incredable and inspiring.  Some make see a single use arm as an ending to mountain biking, but not Thomas Bnnister.  Tom was in a wreck 8 years ago that left him paralysed in his left arm, but that didn’t stop his passion and addiction to riding.  Check out the video below where is shows how Thomas bike is …


Triple Back Flip on a Dirt Bike

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See it here first, the worlds first triple back flip on a dirt bike.  Perfectly executed! This has been some time in the making by the nitro circus guys. We have seen practice video of this 3 flip into an air bag. This is the first time it has been landed on dirt. This is such a historic event for …

Dog Bike Ride Videos

Videos: Top 10 Dog/Bike videos

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We all love dogs, and we should all love bikes!  So we have brought the best of both worlds together.  This is the top 10 best dogs who love bikes videos on the internet. 1. Norma Rides a Bike 2. Downhill Mountain Bike Dog, Scrubbin’ jumps and railing berms! 3. Dalmation Riding a bike 4. Dog riding a bike with …

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Danny MacAskill Imaginate

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  Ridiculous trials street rider from Scotland Danny MacAskill, just released his latest film “Imaginate”.  Two years in the making, this is the most epic film of it’s kind, demonstrating some of the most technical tricks and unique cinematography of it’s kind ever seen in a trials film. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will more than appreciate every …

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Downhill Redbull Rampage

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Red Bull Rampage 2014 Take the drivers seat as Andreu Lacondeguy pulls out all the stops on this winning run during the 2014 Redbull rampage. An insane feat of control, balance and nerves of still – Andreu took first place in this epic event.  See more videos from the RedBull Rampage.

London Builds Cycle SuperHighway

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It’s a good time to be a cyclist in the UK. The quickest, safest and direct way into work – will be on a bike.   The Cycle SuperHighways will have 1.1 Million Daily London Commuters Wanting a Bike Completely revolutionizing the commuting and the efficiency of transportation, London just gave the green light to the “Cycle SuperHighways” these cycle …

EPIC Mountain Bike VIDEO: Danny MacAskill Conquers Scotland

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EPIC VIDEO: Danny MacAskill Bikes Down Deadly Ridge Line 3,000 FT Drop The most technical riding, perilous terrain and artistic cinematography we’ve ever seen in a biking film. Danny MacAskill somehow continues to be the most innovative biker, with signature style on and off the mountain. Already known for his technical bike abilities in on the trails and in trials, …