Buffalo Chased by Grizzly Bear – Yellowstone

Travis Gneiting Adventure

Just another day at Yellowstone National Park, and another reason to stay in your car except in designated areas. Grizzly Bear chasing a bison – read to know what happened. http://www.ktvq.com/mobile/news/the-bison-got-away/

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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Once in a lifetime shots, the bison was already seriously mamed by one of Yellowstone’s hot spots – yet some how the resilient buffalo had made an escape and was on the run.  The man who caught the epic photos had dropped his wife off for work when he saw the buffalo stampeding across the highway, and was awestruck – if not terrified – to see a bear in full speed charging after it.

The noise was what initially caught his attention, not just the hooves of the bison on the highway – but the roaring of the bear behind it. By the time Wypyszinski turned around the bison and the bear were quickly upon him. He had his camera on him – and the once in a lifetime opportunity that a National Geographic Photographer would kill for came more than knocking on his door, it came charging at him running and roaring.

At first glance, he thought the Bison was mamed from a previous attack, but it was actually badly burned from an unfortunate encounter with one of the renown-tourist attraction hot spots in Yellowston National Park.

The site of such an injured poor animal alone rare, yet an animal that has already been a victim to the elements to then be hunted by a predator was yet another story.

“Never, ever, ever,” said Wypyszinski. “I’ve seen plenty of bear, and more buffalo. But I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Wypyzinski did the unthinkable, got OUT OF HIS CAR and snapped the picture, 14 epic pictures, the massive animals races passed him paying absolutely no attention.

Once the bison entered the cover of the forest the bison out maneuvered the grizzly, living exactly one more day. Park rangers put the bison down due, deemed to be the most humane thing to the severity of the burn injuries it had sustained.

Just another day in Yellowstone National Park.