Best Website To Save Money on Outdoor Gear

Best Websites for Finding Sales on Outdoor Gear

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This is the ultimate list of cheap outdoor gear websites. There are many websites that offer discounts, deals, and sales on outdoor gear that are from outlets, clearance items and liquidations. We wanted to put together the absolute best list for buying discounted outdoor gear. These websites offer discounts on anything from men’s, women’s, and kids clothing, skis, snowboard, fishing, camping, hunting, cycling and a lot more. So if you are looking for the best place to buy camping gear, or the best outdoor clothing websites for sales keep reading.

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It’s not easy to find the best place to buy camping gear online.  If you love the outdoors you use your gear and it wears out, or new gear is always on your mind. It might be a new hiking back pack that you are looking for a deal on, or even a bike or sleeping pad. Let’s face the facts, outdoor gear can be very expensive, especially if you are just getting into a new hobby like rock climbing or snow shoeing. You could be buying a warm coat, water replant pants, snow gaiters, snow shoes, poles, oh and a GoPro to capture your new adventures. Fortunatly, there are some great websites, including (shameful plug) for finding some of the best deals on outdoor gear. In some cases we been able to find deals on GearChase of 70 to 80% off retail from these websites. That makes your hard earned money go a lot further. So let’s take a look at some of the great sites you may have already heard of and hopefully some you have not.

If you want the quick list without all the details, here they are: was one of the innovators of the daily deal site that sent gear heads crazy for a few years called Steep and Cheap. Since the formation of Steep and Cheap it has been through many revisions and is recently back on track showing closeout deals usually around 50% off. But if you watch closely you can find discounts up to 65% off. It’s worth also pointing out Backcountry’s other discount site Whiskey Militia. Backcountry also has a sale section on their website that they list items around 25 to 40% off. They typically post one deal at a time that is more clothing based, and less outdoor gear based. It’s always a brand you can trust. Steep and Cheap, Whiski Militia, as well as over 50 more one deals at a time and deals of the day can be watched on the homepage of

  • Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT

  • Ships From: Utah & Virginia

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: Free with Free Shipping

  • Price-Match: Even up to 48 hours after order

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Our second pick for locating the best deals on outdoor gear is Sierra Trading Post. They are a closeout company that buys overstock and factory seconds from the best brands in the outdoor industry. They are also partnered with these top brands to get them as soon as seasons end, so they always have a huge selection of deals. One thing we really love about Sierra Trading Post is that they are always running additional discounts or free shipping deals. Sign up for their email subscription list to get the latest on them, or check Sierra Trading Post Coupon Feed. Lastly, Sierra Trading Post has a clearance section, which is really a clearance, of clearance section that offers super deep discounts I just checked the page, and it’s loaded with shoes, gloves, pants and shorts over 80% off retail!

  • Headquarters: Cheyenne, WY

  • Ships From: Local Pickup & Shipping from Multiple Locations

  • Shipping: Free usually for over $50 to $75

  • Returns: Up to 90 Days on Unused Equiptment

Don’t overlook second had gear, and in some cases even new gear at great discounts from It is loaded with items from private sellers as well as returned items from many popular online websites like and Another nice thing most people don’t know about is that a lot of the items price decreases every day until they are sold! So if you don’t like a price, just keep an eye on it to see if the price is reduced each day. But don’t wait too long… As a side note, if you are looking to fund your next purchase, you can sell your old gear on for a flat fee of 13%. That’s pretty equal to what you would pay on eBay with listing and payment fees. There is a lot less competition, and items to sift through, so chances are your going to get a better price and a better deal using

  • Headquarters: Park City, Utah

  • Ships From: Seller Location

  • Shipping: Depends on Seller, Many Offer Free Shipping

  • Returns: Depends on Seller is a popular destination for deal hunters. They have a large selection of great discounts on outdoor gear. One thing we don’t like is that you have to register to see their prices. But we have a little secret. If you use you can search their inventory and see prices ( Then you only have to register when you are ready to make the purchase.

  • Headquarters: Portland, Oregon

  • Ships From: Portland, Oregon

  • Shipping: Varies by Location, Ships to 60 Countries

  • Returns: Unnused up to 30 Days

Outlet pages on many websites can be a great place to search for sales on outdoor gear. has a great outlet with discounts around 40% to 50% on stuff that you would actually want to buy. One thing we don’t like about browsing their outlet is that you have to drill down through their categories. For example they have “Discount, Outerwear Outlet & Cheap Winter Clothes” (what a mouth full) then you see “Discount, Cheap Winter Jackets”, and “Discount, Cheap Fleece Jackets” clicking through you then see a list of a few fleece jackets. If you want to browse this is time consuming. pulls in the entire inventory of The-House and makes it all visible, searchable, and filterable.

  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Ships From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: 30 Day + 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Price Match: Price Match Offered

Campmor has a discount/clearance section on their website with great discounts on camping gear. There deals are not extremely discounted, but they have a great selection of sizes and colors, where other sites often lack. We don’t like that their prices don’t show the percent discount, so you only see the retail and sale price. I know we are sounding like a broken record, but with you can get right to the deals of with all their percent discounts listed, in an easier to browse format.

  • Headquarters: Mahwah, New Jersey

  • Ships From: Mahwah, New Jersey

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: Accepted, You Pay Shipping

One of our personal favorites that is often overlooked by other list of discount outdoor product websites is Moosejaw. The sale section of their websites starts at about 25% off and the discounts go up from there. Again, you kind of have to know what you are searching for to drill down the category tree. Or, a little hint is to use their site search and include the work “sale” with your search term. For example “Hat Sale” will return about 370 different hats on sale. Or perform the same search on GearChase and we return over 8000 hats on sale from over 50 trusted online merchants.

  • Headquarters: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri

  • Ships From: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri

  • Shipping: Free over $49

  • Returns: Lifetime Returns

REI Garage just recently popped up as a way for REI to liquidate their old stock. It appeared in 2016 as a re-branding of the sale or outlet side of It still resides on the website and includes an REI deal of the day. Browsing by category, there are some unmached deals. We consistently find deals in the REI Garage that are better than the in person REI Garage sale ( that is for REI members only, and happens once or twice a year. REI does a great job of filtering down to products and categories, but if you want to get right to the deepest discounts just look at our REI page on

  • Headquarters: Washington

  • Ships From: Sumner, WA & Bedford, PA

  • Shipping: Free Store Pickup, Free over $50

  • Returns: 100% Guaranteed, Returns to Retail Location

Just for the women out there, PlanetGear offers up to 70% off women’s outdoor apparel, footwear and gear. A great resource for for women. They don’t have an extremely large selection, but we were able to find great deals on women’s cycling, jackets, and other footwear for over 70% off. You will be asked to register to view their products, or just go to and you can browse their products with pricing and don’t need to login or create an account with us.

  • Headquarters: San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Ships From: San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: 30 Days, You Pay Shipping

For the rock climbers, ice climbers, and vertical addicts has a huge outlet center, though not only climbing gear, they also have a large selection of clothing around 30 to 40% off.

  • Headquarters: Burlington, VT

  • Ships From: Burlington, VT

  • Shipping: Free over $49

  • Returns: 30 Day, you pay shipping

A great resource for trail and street runners is Running Warehouse. They have a great selection of just about every running shoe from every brand that you can think of. Their clearance center boast deals around 50%. We really like they they list the size and width of the shoes available right next to the listing. This make browsing the sale wall a lot more convenient that having to click through to each shoe to check the sizes.

  • Headquarters: San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Ships From: San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: 90 Day Returns Free Shipping

Winter lovers will also love sales page ( Evo is an online retailer that is heavy on the ski and snowboard products but also care a large selection of clothing, bikes, wakeboards, surf gear and shoes. We would recommend using again to really dig through the clearance bin of From their website you see mostly 30 to 40% discounts, with we dug up discounts up to 80% off.

  • Headquarters: Washington

  • Ships From: Washington, Oregon, Colorado

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: 365 Returns or Exchange

Lacrosse, hockey, skiing, baseball, snowboarding, is similar to They offer an online market for sellers to list their new and used gear online. One neat option they offer is to trade gear with others using their trade button. The fee for selling is 12%. Buyers are protected by SidelineSwap, and provides a 3 day buffer to dispute a purchase if it was received different than described.

  • Headquarters: New York, NY

  • Ships From: Seller Location

  • Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping

  • Returns: Depends on Seller

A bit of a wild card is Mass Drop. Requiring signup for access, they offer gear from audio to ultralight backpacks. They work on the concept of group orders. Get enough people that want a specific item they can negotiate the purchase of larger volumes for discounted prices that are passed on to you. Don’t expect to dive right into deals like you do on other sites, but it’s worth taking a look at if you have some spare time.

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California

  • Ships From: Seller Location

  • Shipping: Buyer Pays

  • Returns: No Returns

Camo Fire is Steep and Cheap for hunters. The home page list a number of one deal at a time products. Typically these are camo jackets from Sitka, or game cameras usually around 40 to 50% off retails. This is a hidden gem that not may people are aware of, even if your not a hunter, they often include sleeping pads, hiking shoes and boots, sometimes up to 70% off.

  • Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Ships From: Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Shipping: Buyer Pays

  • Returns: 10 Day Returns, Buyer Pays Shipping

Cabelas is a family name, with years of experience serving up deals from their bargain cave. The sales are real, up to 70% off. Cabelas is currently trying to get your phone number to send you upto 6 text a month with deals from the bargain cave. Just text BARGAIN to 247365. GearChase also searches the cabelas bargain cave for comparison against other retail stores for the best price on outdoor gear.

  • Headquarters: Sidney, Nebraska

  • Ships From: Tooele, Utah

  • Shipping: Many Items Free, and Discount

  • Returns: 90 Day Returns

One of our favorite online shops in Peter Glenn. They have been in the business of selling outdoor gear like Spyder Jackets on sale season after season. They cater a lot to the winter snow shopper. However, the also have a large selection of running, water, and outdoor clothing discounted. The sale section of their site is broken down by category but also offers a really nice set of filters to drill down by sex, children, clothing, brands, and sizes. They currently have over 3000 items on sale through their website. Defiantly worth spending some time browsing Peter Glenn sale items.

  • Headquarters: Lauderdale, FL

  • Ships From: Florida, Georgia

  • Shipping: Free 3-Day over $49

  • Returns: 30 Day, Buyer Pays Shipping

When you think big box outdoor retailer, Dicks sporting goods should come to mind. They have a mind blowing inventory and offer free shipping with no minimum from time to time. They also offer free instore pickup. Check at the end of seasons for 30% to 40% off end of season sales. Dicks also has some purchasing power and is able to score markdowns and sales that other retailers can’t. The clearance section of their website offers deals on all outdoor and sporting goods from baseball and basketball to hunting, MMA, and camping. Some of these categories are deeper than others. For example there are over 200 soccer cleats currently listed, but only one pair of snowboard goggles in the clearance section, so shop by season would be our advice.

  • Headquarters: Coraopolis, PA

  • Ships From: Atlanta, Georgia

  • Shipping: Free over $49

  • Returns: 60 Day Returns

L.L. Bean loves do dish out the deals on outdoor gear. There always seems to be a popup when visiting their website for 25% off some amount. Or 15% off total purchase. Don’t ever plan on paying full price or shipping from L.L. Bean you can almost always find a discount or coupon. Another secret tip to score deals and Coupons with L.L. Bean is to use their Phone App. Remember they don’t only sell their branded merchandise but also many other top brands in the industry.

  • Headquarters: Freeport, Maine

  • Ships From: Freeport, Maine

  • Shipping: Free Shipping

  • Returns: As long as you own, and not missuse

Cristy Sport is sprinkled around the western rocky mountains. Their stores offer a selection of ski and snowboard gear. One secret to shopping Christy Sports is that they empty out their stores at the end of the ski season to bring in patio furniture for the summer. That means they need to liquidate a lot of merchandise, so keep your eyes planted on them starting around March and April for some really deeply discounted Ski and Snowboard gear on sale.

  • Headquarters: Lakewood, Colorado

  • Ships From: Lakewood, Colorado

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: 30 Days, Buyer Pays Shipping

Eastern Mountain Sports is known as the east coast REI. A bunch of stores in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut. With a lot of stores comes a lot of inventory. The are currently running at up to 70% off warehouse sale to make some room for the summer gear that is coming into stock for the season. Great time to pick up on winter clothing that you can still use this season. The sale section of offers one of the best filtering, reviews, and sorting sites around. With great deals easy to filter down and find what you are looking for. The best deals are usually on EMS branded clothing, and inventory levels can change week to week to keep checking back often, and be sure to check out the EMS end of season sales.

  • Headquarters: Peterborough, New Hampshire

  • Ships From: Seller Location

  • Shipping: Free over $50

  • Returns: Depends on Seller


So, why do online stores sell gear for so cheap. Well, it usually comes down to shelve space. They can’t hold onto inventory of clothing or gear that is not selling, or out of season when they need to start stocking the new gear, or up coming seasons clothing. It’s far more economical for a store to liquidate the equipment and create room for new items than it is for them to pack it back up in boxes, store it until the following year. Even brands like Patagonia and Cotopaxi run into shelf space issues and run sales on their gear from their own websites.

There are many ways to find great deals on outdoor gear and clothing and stretch your dollar just a little further

  • Shopping out of season
  • Looking for year old inventory
  • Watch for coupons, specifically brand specific (i.e. 40% off North Face)
  • Look for holiday sales
  • Meet the minimum free shipping threshold
  • Watch for second markdowns of items, this means they are really trying to dump inventory

In the end if your are patient, you will win. There is something gratifying about not paying full retail price on an item you have been wanting or needing. You get the name brands you know, love and trust like North Face, Patagonia at prices you love.

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