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Are Women Under Privileged in the Outdoor Realm?

Travis Gneiting News Womens Outdoor Gear Sale

Women’s Outdoor Gear – Best Deals On the Web
Doesn’t it seem that sometimes the stores and websites just assume that men are the ones who love the outdoors? With sporting goods stores flooded with men’s clothes, shoes and gear and then itty bitty pathetic little section for women? Even the largest retailers are a huge disappointment. Well, we have news for them. Reports show that you athletic women are the real outdoor enthusiasts.  Outrunning your male counterparts in marathons entries, evening out the playing field shredding down the mountain snowboarding and skiing, catching the tide on the surf, and riding the wake and massacring the men in online gear purchases and well.  Pretty much: you women rule the mountain. You know your sports, you know your gear. So at, we respect the prowess of the powder, the athletic supermom, and the goddess of the gear.
So goddess of the Gearchase, lioness of the race, find the deals and buy the steals at instantly searches over 90 merchants. No more itty bitty women’s sections. You have the entire world of women’s outdoor gear at your finger tips. Every brand, every size, every store from to Let your outdoor enthusiast have an excursion on