Drew Bezanson – The BMX Prodigy who’s Hijacking BMX

Travis Gneiting News

Drew Bezanson – this kid needs to be put on a leash. He’s going to take the contest out of BMX – before you know it X Games and every thing else is going to be in lock down. This guys epic skills makes the rest look like kids at a suburban skate park.

Notorious for turning crowds into outright RIOTS – drew not only wins the crowd over as an under dog, but this fire cracker will keep riding through bloody and battered to land his insanity tricks like nothing had happened.  At the Toronto Notro Jam 2010 – the hosts of this BMX event had to clean up shoes, shirts, drinks and food after burly boy Drew more than out shined Catfish and Garret Reynolds after a bloody head injury on his previous run.

Watch this unbelievable video, and you will understand why once you see him live – no one else even stands against Drew. He is a power house when it comes to skill, and just his transitions outweigh others headliner tricks. Check out more about his profile below to read up more about this guy – he is incredible.

Making a name for himself on the BMX underground in his home town Truro, Nova Scotia  – this Canadian’s  been making waves and it’s only taken a matter of time for the mainstream to catch up.  BMX Prodigy? Talent can only get you so far, the rest is blood, sweat, and sheer determination.

Drew didn’t have a straight shoot into stardom – Drew unwillingly had to unwillingly withdraw from the 2011 X Games 2011 after a severe head injury in June .  After a taking an unwanted hiatus from his true love in life to recuperate from his injury (sorry girls) , Drew Bezanson returned full force full force to the 2012 X Games and made up for lost time. 

His appearance at XG is highly anticipated, although to be honest the same can be said for every stop on his schedule. The freakishly talented Canadian rider seems to possess BMX superpowers, energizing the riders around him as he picks out the creative lines and trick combos everyone else misses and fearlessly checks them off the list, one amazing move at a time.

The long cold winters of east Coast of Canada – meant isolation from the larger BMX community for Drew Bezanson, but determination and authentic passion for extreme BMX has paid off. His abilities have captured the attention of not only the BMX community – but the sports industry alike. From ESPN, to Redbull, to every major extreme sporting event across the globe.  HATS OFF DREW. 

Some have said he is a natural at BMX. Bag that. He is a freak. He probably spends more time on his wheels than he does on his feet.  This camp was honored with the 2010 Transworld BMX NORA Cup for Ramp Rider of the year. This prestigious award equates to theBMX master of the universe. Well seriously, it is the votes by those in the BMX industry and fellow Pro Riders. Essentially – he has creds by his peers.

Since Drew has really gained mainstream exposure in 2010 – he has become one of the most recognized BMX Park Riders in the world. In both 2011 and 2012, he locked down the Simple Session 1st place, and the Baltic Games in Gdansk. This BMX legend has a signature style, and his transitions to him main tricks easily outweigh other riders headliner tricks.

Drew has been gaining all kinds of traction for for his training session in Toronto at the Joyride 150 Bike Park. Just an unedited training video leaks, and it becomes the top watched youtube video in a week. The Red Bull Air Awareness Camp was unforgiving and unparalleled. Combining unseen tricks combined with strict training core routines, these bad boys are coming out like soldiers to the battle field – with ammo up their sleeves.

In May, Drew gave a solid performance at the 2012 X Games in Barcelona and walked away with 6th place, just behind companion Daniel Dhers.

Thanks for the detailed documentary on the Toronto Notro Jam