Urban Downhill – Street Mountain Biking

Travis Gneiting News

It’s Downhill Mountain Biking, meets BMX, meets running with the bulls.  If you haven’t seen urban downhill racing – or even if you have, we’ve tracked down the best downhill video’s to date.  So sit back, or more likely, sit forward – and feel the rush.


This is the most insane video yet. In Condor in La Paz Bolivia.

This is the next runner up. It would be first, if it didn’t have all of the suicide drop off’s as the first. The spectators on the side lines add a bit of color as well. The first surely would have had a huge crowd – but there wasn’t any room given microscopic alleyways. That guy is needs to be locked up.

This is the original viral video, if you haven’t had the privilege – or if it’s been a while. Sit back, or sit forward – and feel the rush.