Best Outdoor Gear of the Year 2013

2013 Best Outdoor Gear of the Year – Adrenaline Junkie Must Have’s

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You’ve been waiting for it, here’s the list of the most innovative, cutting edge outdoor equipment for 2013.  From manufacturers across the globe, we’ve brought you a comprehensive list of apparel, and gear for every sport – from fishing, running, camping and hiking to biking.  We didn’t just pick these out of a hat – we reviewed the top gear of the year lists from Forbes, Men’s Fitness, Outdoor Magazine, GearPatrol – and more, and brought you the cream of the crop. Betcha didn’t even know half of these gizmo’s were invented yet. Sit back and wait to be amazed.  Next time you step out into the wild, you’ll look back and wonder how you survived in the outback without them.

G-Shock GD-100 LAP Memory 60 WatchY

Armani and Gucci are for pretentious sissies. This G-Shock has the form and function long overdue for adrenaline addicts everywhere.  The overall sleek look and mirror silver face puts those street fashion rats to shame.  This bad boy has the functionality of a personal trainer, minus the ego.

g force

Speed indicators, 1/1000th second stopwatch, auto LED light with afterglow, sheer resin band that’s shock and water resistant, and a whole slew of technical specs we won’t bore you with because just trust us, it’s got them all.  This G-Shock has more than you could ask for, and if you knew about it before – you would have asked for this instead of a wedding ring, making this the top of our under $100 list.

Originally $110 – now on sale for $80. You can get white, blue or black, with red on black.  Get yours now ➜.  


The Black Diamond Skylight Tent

Seems like every tent that brags about being waterproof & durable turns into a zip lock bag, leaving you and your compadres in a nice foggy sweat fest after a long day in the wilderness – not exactly happy campers.  Thanks to the Black Diamond skylight tent, get some waterproof durability with breath-ability.

Black Diamond Tent

Ideal for lightweight shelter for spring, summer, and fall .  We could go on and on with the specs, but trust us – for a 3 man tent this is the winner.  Normally $450 , only $350 at  Get yours now:  –

Or if you need a larger tent – we are having a Fathers Day Tent sale,  Start Browsing ➜ –

PFG Freezer Zero Long-Sleeve Tee – AKA, The NAKED


Sunscreen without the sunscreen. Saves your skin from the sunrays, but even better – saves you from the sweat. The Omni-Freeze Zero technology actually lowers the temperature of the shirt when you sweat.  Like going naked, but without the chest hair.  Think of a nice cool washcloth when you are pedaling up that single track under the beating sun.  Normally $75, on sale for $65 at GearChase .com Get yours now ➜ 




Goal Zero Solar Cell Phone and Electronic Device Charger


When you are off in the wilderness, keep your music rockin’, your laptop connected or let your Mom know you’re still alive.  The latest innovation in outback technology, this portable and powerful – this solar panel bad boy and breathes life into your phone, iPad, Tablet and any other device you pack up on the mountain with you. This is a versatile charger for any device. The lithium ion battery holds a charge up to 6 months. Get your charge from soaking up the sun or charge it from a wall plug or car outlet before you head out.  Goal Zero Rock Out Mobile Kit Normally $89, on sale for $62 at   Get yours now ➜  

BIOLITE CampStove/Gadget Charger

pEMS1-14514059venhIf you still want a way to stay connected when you take off in the wilderness, this is your answer. The next generation cooker and charger, this no propane rocket boils your water and acts as your charger. Uses bio mass, decreasing your carbon footprint.  Retailing at $129, The price point is a little higher  than the solar panel charger, but is more compact and saves you the extra weight and space of solar panels and fuel canisters. Not as versatile as the solar panel charger – but more compact for the longer treks. This innovative stove will simultaneously boil water and charge your gadgets using biomass, which decreases your carbon footprint and serves 2 for one purpose. Get yours now ➜ 


Kelty Ignite DriDown Sleeping Bag

Kelly Ignite

 Water resistant, goose feather-down sleeping bag – weigh less than 3lbs and compacts to the size of a football. Need we say more. Breathable, but keeps you warms in sub-freezing temperatures. Has a hood, draw strings, this is for serious trekkers – but has a thrifter price tag. Regularly $260 – on sale for $199 at   Get yours now ➜  


MacGyver Scissor Hands – Gerber Multitool Pocket Knife

Pocket Tool

Whether you get stranded on the mountain side or the west side, this bad boy has all the gizmo’s to keep the bears or the krypts at bay. Don’t let the name Gerber fool you.  This baby comes with forged stainless steel, spring-loaded jaws, serrated edged knives and every tool in your papa’s tool box – it’s everything you need minus the kitchen and minus the garage.  It’s the only MacGyver tool you’ll ever need. While this killer runs $115 – we’ve got comps that will send a grizzly running for half that price. Check out the array of Gerber brand multi-tools for under $50 that put swiss army knives to shame – Get yours now 


James Bond meets Burton: Zeal HD Camera Goggles

Record straight from the cockpit incognito.   Okay – so we’ll admit while everything else on our list is actually affordable  – this one is just downright too cool not to show you.  An eye wear company on steroids, Zeal debuted their HD camera goggles in late 2012. GoPro, watch your back – when it comes to riding the mountain – Zeal’s got a built in HD camera meant for riding and  impact.  These are the GoPro without frozen fingers, funky frames and clunky helmet mounts.  With a view finder built into the lens – you read right. Built into the lens. Finally, you can keep your gloves on . Recording quality competing with the GoPro – and so are the prices.  The only catch – it’s just not as versatile – this is only good when you’re riding.
zealoptics (1)
The Transcend edition features a digital displays on the inside of the lens to tell you just how hardcore you are.  Zeal optics collaborated with Recon Instruments using GPS technology to compact a micro computer with sensors to display location, speed, altitude and temperature information on a LCD display – aka: Bad Ass Dashboard.  Before you know it they are going to have seamless integration into your sunglasses.

The Zeal Ion Camera Goggle is Normally $398.95 On sale right now for $298 at   Get Yours Now  

The Zeal Transcend GPS Display Integration Goggle is normally $399.95 now 20% off for $319.96 at Get Yours Now  ➜ 


UST StrikeForce Fire Starter

We didn’t start the Fire – oh wait, we did

Fire StartLet There Be Light.  Rain, snow, hail – bring it on. This baby will never fail you. The all-weather fire striker will add fire to your campsite with one flick of your wrist – no matter how crappy the weather is. Leave the matches and fuel at home. Low as $22 buckaroos at  Let us do the searching for you, we scour REI, Backcountry and every other large retailer and outdoor shop site out there for you to bring you the lowest price on the net.  Nab yours now ➜  


Daiwa TWS T-Wing Reels Fishing


Say sayonara to the restricted distance casting and frustrations with traditional levelwind systems of old school bait caster reels. Daiwa’s latest revolution with the introduction of the T-Wing, long distance casting cutting the air so fast you can hear it. T-Wing track lines the spool off the reel comp unrestricted without any friction . Mitigation any angles, pigeon hold round line guides compared to traditional styled reels- your line runs out to the water like a rebellious teenager sneaking out of the house at 2 in the morning – without any noise. A free flow smooth escape into the wild yonder.  This increases line flow results in s dramatically improving casting performance, reducing backlashing (that doesn’t apply to the sneaking out teenager metaphor).  Once the reel is engaged the line is forced back into the center level-wind slot allowing for perfect line lay. We’ve got a whole assortment of Daiwa reels for saltwater and the newest T-wing,  check ’em out➜


The Vapur® MicroFilter

bottlePortable portable, feather weight and tastes like spring water.  The chemical free purification system that utilizes the most advanced membrane technology to safely remove 99.9999% of water borne bacteria and 99.9% and other contaminants to keep you going strong during your outdoor expeditions.No more packing around extra jugs of water when you have fresh springs at your destinations.  The Vapur® MicroFilter weighs just 2.7 ounces and capable of purifying more than 500 liters of safe drinking water from lakes, rivers, streams and tap water.  Unlike other purifiers, this is your water bottle and your purifier. $69.95 at  Get yours now 



APEX RECHARGEABLE LED Headlamp – 90 Hour Burntime

You thought headlamps were dorky, until you were the dork who kept dropping your flashlight because you couldn’t hold your crap and see where you were going at the same time. Get with the program.illustr_apex-rechargeable

The newest APEX, with 90 hours of burntime, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack with adjustable clips. Clip the lamp to the headstrap or anywhere anywhere else you want – your belt, top of the tent or where ever you need light.  A USB charging cable and USB plug comes standard with the headlamp, making it easy to replenish the battery whether at home or overseas. With a single Regulated Maxbright LED partnered with Four white Regulated Ultrabright LEDs, the Apex shine off a blinding spot beam or a flood light wide enough to land a 757.  Two big buttons make switching between modes easy.  If you are in the market, this is the headlamp.  Regularly $149,  20% off sale as low as $119 at  Get yours now 


SteriPen UV Water Purifier  – Stupid Easy.


From hiking the Appalachians –  to not trusting the water in Mexico City, just 45 seconds to safe water.  Stupid easy – the smiley face tells you when the water is safe to drink. The SteriPEN  is proven to be the  the most save and effective UV water purifier in the world, too bad they had to make it look like a pregnancy test. Eliminating over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness.  SteriPEN has earned the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal, certifying its effectiveness.  –  Get yours now ➜ 


Brodin Trout Bum Davidson Net:


Brodin has been your go-to for catch and release nets for decased. The rubber bag nets have made them a no brainer for for the vetran fisherman and anglers. Historically the company has manufactured the nets with handles made of exotic hardwoods – and you paid high price for that, but now the company has gone eco-friendly and is making the handles with carbon fiber. It is a win win for everyone.  Mother nature get’s to keep the forest, you get some lighter weight nets, and you to save some dough. The only thing you lose is the big price tag. $49 Get yours now 

Didn’t see anything that hit the spot? Well keep browsing! At we search the entire inventory of REI, Backcountry, and a whole slew of big box retailers and specialty pro shops we won’t bother mentioning. So just use our steroid search engine, type the word – and start browsing. We’ll bring you the best deals on the net