Jackson Goldstone – 10 Yr Old Mountain Biker Prodogy

Travis Gneiting News

Want to feel mediocre?  What were you doing when you were 3?  Unless you were Jackson Goldstone – we can guarantee you weren’t taking 5 foot drops on your toddler bike, and at age 8 flying down burly bike trails. Not only does this grom prodigy fly at a reckless pace, but he’s tossin’ out tricks like candy the whole ride down. Clean lines, big air, and sick whips – this kid has more style than a GQ Magazine. It almost looks wrong – like those toddler beauty pageants, but in a totally rockstar way. Watch the video, and you’ll understand.

Jackson Goldstone

Pros like Tylers McCaul have also taken Jackson under their wing, helping fire cracker Jackson progress his skills to a ridiculous status. Watch the pair of them pump, whip and ride down Dirt Merchant, onen of Whistler’s burliest jump trails. Catch the two in action as they boost, whip and flow down Dirt Merchant, one of burliest jump trails at Whistlerm – arguably the world’s best bike park.

What Were You Doing at 8 Years Old? Jackson Goldstone Leads Tyler McCaul Down Dirt Merchant – More Mountain Bike Videos

We aren’t sure exactly how old he is here – but we would guess about 3, on one of those strider bikes without pedals. BTW – if you kid is going to be a biking legend prodigy – this is the first essential step. They learn to balance the bike without pedaling. We still don’t understand how he lands this with a smile on his face.

So how exactly to you instill an toddler with the confidence to fly off jumps that send them sailing over 30 feet into the air? A home rigged ramp into a freezing backyard swim pool. Yet we can’t take credit away from this fire cracker, we are talking about a kid who just really had an adrenaline streak that was going to come screaming out of him, on two wheels.