Ice Speedway – Motocross + Everything we Love about Hockey

Travis Gneiting News

Ice Speedway. What is it? Motocross racing, minus the brakes, minus 100 degrees equals = everything we love about hokey on wheels. How on earth does this whole sharade work without brakes? 2 inch long razor sharp studded spikes on the tires.

Ice Speedway Studded Tires

Well, we’re not sure we’d say it exactly ‘WORKS”, but another way to seriously mame yourself while for what must be some mind blowing adrenaline payoff.  As if motocross wasn’t dangerous enough, crashing on a dirt track leaves men paralyzed with broken bones and fractures. Running into these spinning spikes is worse than running into the mouth of a great white shark. So sit back, and watch new group of adrenaline addict junkies taunt the jaws of death:

These death wish racers reach average speeds up to 80 miles per hour, while typical motocross races top out at 70 mph. Studded tires on ice provide traction far beyond rubber on dirt’s wildest dreams.

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