ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Underwear Review

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ExOfficio Underwear Review

Who knew underwear could be so high tech? Apparently there is a whole underworld of underwear unknown to the general public. High-end, high performance underwear. ExOfficio. The Victoria’s Secret for people with an active lifestyle and world travelers.

Be prepared to rethink basic wardrobe. ExOfficio Underwear is built for high performance athletes and easy care and washing travelers, yet ExOfficio undergarments are so comfortable and practical you will want to wear them everyday. ExOfficio has re-defined comfortable when it comes to what you wear most, your underwear. If you find yourself more than suspicious about underwear that costs $20 a pair you are not alone. Yet after wearing anything in the ExOfficio Sports Mesh collection, wearing anything else felt like a scratchy burlap sack sewn in a highschool home-ec class. Somehow the ExOfficio Give-No-Go Sports Mesh Collection has a way of molding to your body like you were literally poured into them. No seams digging into you, no muffin tops – and they stay that way. All day. For weeks. For, well – as long as you could expect.

So what exactly is high performance underwear? Why does ExOfficio Underwear have more reviews than any other performance underwear on Amazon? Well, aside from trying them on your yourself you’ll have to take the majority’s word for it. Yet we can break it down to two basic facts, patented genius material and smart quality design and construction. Specifically, the the Men’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh material/collection is ideal for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. The ExOfficio Sports Mesh material is featured in an entire collection for men and women from active wear to underwear.

If you buy the 5 for $10.00 “Fruit of the Loom” on the sale rack at Walmart – yeah, these might seem expensive. Yet wake up and smell the roses, those never smelled like fruit of the loom. Those soft cozy cotton boxers may have been soft at one point, but now they are bulky, bunch up under your clothes, hold onto moisture like a drought is coming. That snug fit of those cotton briefs starts to get saggy after a few weeks, and if you opted for a color version, you got a free dye job on the first wash when they turned the rest of your laundry pink and morphed into some shade of mauve. So – no. These are not so expensive. And no more saggy butt? Priceless.

Who knew people would go on and on about their netherlands? The internet is littered with blog reviews, hundreds of Amazon reviews that are all amazon-ingly positive. So without TMI (which there is plenty of out there), we’ll break it down to the naked facts. You’ll see why the patented material, quality construction, and design of ExOfficio underwear has everyone why wears them raving. and you’ll see why ExOfficio Underwear has more reviews than any other underwear on the internet.



When you first pick up the Give-And-Go Sports Mesh Briefs, the material is high quality and soft. The sport mesh has a slight sheen to it is light weight. Breathable, and quick drying – they were a very comfortable fit with just the right amount of give. With a fit that has the right balance between bunching up boxers and claustrophobic, ExOfficio Give-N-Go underwear are perfect for travel, exercise and everyday wear. Marketed as travel underwear, these are ideal for hand-washing, laying flat dry or air drying. The material is so light weight and quick drying – they are wearable after towel drying and laying out for 20 minutes (albeit a little damp, but try finding anything else to compare).

The colors are fashion forward, with offset stitching and broad waist bands for ultimate comfort and fit. With a streamlined design good looking enough to compete enough with Italian designers, the high performance of the ExOfficio Give-And-Go Sports Mesh Briefs puts them in a league of their own

The Give-And-Go collection for men is available in a variety of styles and colors. The men’s collection includes Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Brief, Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh 3″ Boxer Brief, Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief and Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 9″ Boxer Brief.

The best part of all this, they don’t ride up. The flatlock seams are virtually invisible Given that the fabric is so light weight, one concern with mesh was the potential for static. Yet the elastic fit was great and tight enough to stay in place, and static was not an issue. With just the right amount of give/stretch, they stay in place. In some sport briefs/underwear, they have way too much elasticity and loose their resiliency after a while, and don’t stay in place. The ExOfficio have just the right amount of give, so they don’t turn into a loose rubber band after a few months of wear.

The ExOfficio Give-And-Go are just right. Comfortable, but keep everything where it needs to be. While titled “Sport briefs”, you’ll end of wearing these every day. So get some extra pairs. You will never want cotton briefs again. Let’s just say that in hind sight “Fruit of the Loom” was more like a zip lock bag.
The color held true through several machine washes, and machine driers (although these really don’t need to go through the dryer, they just did because they were in there with the whole batch). The In terms of durability, after weeks of aggressive wear biking and exercising – the elasticity held strong. That means no more bunching up under your slacks or jeans. The fabric is lighter weight and might not hold up too well against hook fasteners or rough materials/Velcro that might get it snagged.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Thong – Women’s


Technically Sexy. Ladies, rejoice. Sexy can be comfortable! Thank you ExOfficio for the Sports Mesh. Featured in the Give-N-Go Thong and Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Bikini Brief. Ladies, the ExOfficio sports thong literally has more reviews than ANY Victoria Secret underwear on Amazon, and they are all positive. So don’t take our word for it. The sports mesh has a slight sheen to it, and is super light weight. The sheen is is smooth and sleek, so slip on a dress or cotton legging and don’t worry about any static. Perfect during the day, and don’t worry about “slipping into something more comfortable” at night. Buy one in each color, and you’re set all week.

With such smooth and soft material, the Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Bikini Briefit’s 2 for 1. Cute and sporty. Stays in place, doesn’t ride up, and is SUPER comfortable.
The featherweight mesh allows airflow and is quickdrying. Keep cool on hot days, or on the go. The fit of the Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Bikini Brief is designed for the active lifestyle. With a low rise, and perfectly stretchable/smooth material in the Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Bikini Brief is perfect for high energy activities. The smooth fabrick and flat seams and soft/broad waistband make for a most comfortable waistband that stays in place and has no “muffin top”. Ultralight mesh is breathable and quick drying, keeping you cool. Completely comfortable, breathable. You don’t have to be uncomfortable just to not show lines through your leggings or skinny jeans.


While every girl needs a pair of thongs for practical reasons (not showing lines when wearing skinny jeans and leggings) and other reasons…. the materials vary significantly. There are the cotton thongs – which are affordable, and comfortable – but they wear out quick. They shrink, and the elasticity wears out super fast. They fit for an hour, then by the end of the day they are stretched out. The color also fades quickly. Then there are the lacy thongs. Those are great for special occasions, yet after too many washes, they start to fall apart – every piece of lint in your wardrobe seems to find their way to to it.

Women’s Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Bikini Brief Review

Ideal for the active woman and life on the go – the ultralight sports mesh gives you all the comfort and performance you need – and you’ll look good while you’re at it. The ExOfficio GIVE-N-GO® SPORT MESH BIKINI BRIEF is ideal for the everyday, and an essential piece of gear for workouts.

The breathability and sweat wiking performance will make the the Sport Mesh Bikini Brief a fundamental part of your workout gear. Just as you wear under layers for other sports to keep you cool and dry – there couldn’t be a more important place on on the map to do just that. Just as important as a sports bra, the right pair of underwear is just as critical. The low rise is the ideal fit for active movement. The fabric is treated with antimicrobial polymers to prevent odors and bacteria. The flat seams lock in place and the smooth flat waist band is comfortable and prevents any chaffing. The amazing breathability keeps you cool, feeling fresh and comfortable. Give-N-Go® sports mesh Treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield™. This eliminates odor-causing bacteria in fabric. Exercise makes sweat, and any girl who knows anything about hygiene knows that moisture breeds bacteria. The breathability and antimacrobial aspects of the awards winning sports mesh can shield you from all kinds of infections.

The anti-microbial material material The active fit, ultralight mesh, and smooth fabric waistband make the Sport Mesh the most comfortable performance underwear you’ll ever put on. Whether you’re cycling in Bolivia, trekking through Thailand, or trail running in your home range, the Sport Mesh will keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable.

The active ingredient in the AEGIS Microbe Shield products forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that molecularly bonds to the treated surface.