Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate – Out of His Mind

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2 Years in the Making – Most Innovative Riding Film Yet

Gear Chase

Something that’s never been done before. Two years in the making and long awaited – Danny MacAskill has finally debuted his 2013 riding film. Danny is a pro mountain biker, previously limited to what mother nature offered in the trails and outbacks of the mountain terrain, but not anymore. Most riding films brag about locations, and journeys – well MacAskill’s takes you to a place that you can’t find on a map – but will take you all to a place you’ve probably been before. Sit back.  Enter into the mind of Danny’s Imaginate – ENJOY. Brought to you by, who else, RedBull.

So if we want the next generation of to have half the imagination that we did, or or have any chance at having any adrenaline running through their veins in stead of cholesterol when they hit 30- try to cut the chord on this.

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