AKU Women’s Transalpina GT Boots Reviewed

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AKU is an Italian company that has grown from a small footwear business out of a little workshop to a world wide company producing some high quality boots. It was founded by Galliano BOrdin more than 30 years ago. The boots from AKU range from mountaineering to active and lifestyle boots. Manufacturing and product development happens in Montebelluna, Italy. Additionally, …

Are Ride Snowboards any Good?

Are Ride Snowboards any Good?

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We often gear friends asking if Ride Snowboards are even any good? Or, should they just go with a board from Burton because they new the name or brand.  We are here to answer the question Are Ride Snowboards any good? Ride has been making snowboards since 1992, starting out with just 4 snowboards.  They bootstrapped off the skateboard scene …

GoPro Session Review

The Ultimate GoPro Session Hero 4 Review

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We reviewed the GoPro Hero4 Session from every angle to help you decide if the new lower price point matches it’s limited camera functionality, and lesser image and video quality. At a $199 price point, plus the new form factor, we still believe the GoPro Session to have a viable place in the action camera space. It still records great …

Allett Wallet – Direct from Outdoor Retailer Show

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When we first walked in the Outdoor Retailer show we saw Allett. They make some of the world’s thinnest wallets and having been a fan of the butterfly wallet previously I was excited to see something new. Like the butterfly wallet vallett wallet is made nylon ripstop. They also have other versions of their slim wallet made from leather and …

Dakine Kodiac Glove Review

Dakine Kodiak Glove Review

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We just got the new Dakine Kodiak gloves that are gore-tex and primaloft line for comfort. We were looking for a solid Backcountry gloves made from leather. We decided on the Kodiak gloves to try because of the durability of leather as well as the waterproofing that Nikwax provides. The gloves have gore-tex coating as well as gore-tex grip technology. …


Over 50+ Solo Stove Video Reviews

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SOLO STOVE New Years Sale 15% off Entire Store use Code: NEWYEAR15 We were approached by Solo Stove about reviewing one of their solo stoves and cooking pots on GearChase.com.  You might have seen our review of the BioLite stove here, and so we agreed to review another promising camp stove after our enjoyment with the BioLite stove.  It was …

Outdoor Roasting Marshmallow Sticks

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othing says summer like a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Ditch the twigs and become a marshmallow roasting maestro with Outdoor Roastings Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Sticks. Perfect for an open campfire – Outdoor Roastings has quality cookout tools for Hot Dogs, S’mores, Kabobs and anything else you’d want to cook over a campfire or eat under the sun. With a unique patent-pending design, the Perfect Marshmallow Roaster …

Sleeping on Rocks is for Cavemen

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oing camping doesn’t mean you have to go back to the stone age. Sleeping on rocks is for cavemen. Columbus was onto something, the world isn’t flat. Yet the first step to pitching an old-school tent means finding a flat campsite.  No amount of planning or  Google satellite mapping can assure you’ll find flat ground free of rocks, dips, shrubs, mud or …

Rareform Billboard Bags

Rareform – Unique Billboard Bags

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Have you seen these bags from Rareform?  They make everything from Surfboard bags to hip packs, even wallets.  The catch is that Rareform bags are made from recycled billboard.  That’s right, tough, bombproof upcycled billboards. We got our hands on a Hip Pack and wallet from Rareform and got to play with these for a bit.  The stand out colors …

Prime Design Capture POV Review - GearChase.com

Peak Design – Capture POV Review

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Peak Design has been making camera mounts for point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, and GoPro cameras for over 10 years.  The idea to move the camera from around the neck to a belt or backpack strap sounds like a good idea, but how well will it work, will the camera remain secure, and is there really any value in the cost? …